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Just as everyone else, the feeling of being in an unfamiliar place on your first visit can be very lonely, confusing and most times discouraging to stay. The stress of trying to get use to the environment, appraising yourself with the features and understanding how to use them, the rules, mode of operations, how it can be benefiting to you and most importantly how to be relevant in this new environment, were among many other things that ran through my head leaving me with the question of whether it is worth staying and give it a shot or maybe is best I leave.  

As a Newbie, I had a lot of questions that needed very urgent answers and every minute I spent on Steemit without an answer to any of my questions meant “LEAVE” rather than “STAY.” So here is what I did as every newbie should do on their first day. 

1. Do not be in a hurry to start creating posts, upvoting or downvoting posts – Take your time to explore all the features in Steemit, understand how it works and what the rules are. You do not want to rush into making unnecessary and avoidable mistakes as an author or curator. 

 2. Do not get crazy about getting rewarded or making money on your first day on Steemit – You should instead have a clear knowledge on how Steemit reward its users and how you can benefit from it, why you are sometimes rewarded more and other times less, what the reward sharing ratio is, how you get rewarded as well as how you can use your rewards. Also, what Steem Power is, and how to change to Steem Dollars, transfer from Steem Steem Dollars to cash, buy Bitcon with Steem Dollar among others.

3. Read every article recommended by Steemit – This may sound like a hell of a job to do and could take a couple of hours or day(s) depending on how much time you have to commit, but trust me you do not want to get to the middle of the ocean and be stuck hoping to find a cruise ship. All the articles here are life saving at some point and are road map to having a better understanding of Steemit.

4. Ask questions. – It doesn't hurt to ask questions when you are in doubt or confused about anything in the cause of using this platform. It would be better for you to lower your pride and be helped by others than you looking stupid in your pride.

5. Join the Conversation - You don’t have to be familiar with anybody to start a conversation in Steemit Chat, you just introduce yourself and be part of the talk. There you can make yourself become well known and win the hearts of members of Steemit because you never know when you might need them.

I hope you find these little tips helpful and hopefully you would “STAY.” Your comments and upvotes are welcome please.

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