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RE: Don't use vote-selling bots: use @promoted instead. A bot that upvotes you when you burn money!

in #steem4 years ago

great work bro
although there 're few points to optimize to make it a killer concept to contribute to the ecosystem and economics while promoting content

  • the
    Maximum: 100 SBD burned => 100% upvote Minimum: 0.001 SBD burned => 0.01% upvote (rounding up) Very easy to understand I believe. part is not working in my pov.
    There s a voting power issue considering the bot activity it could rapidely go to null and a 50%vote with 100%power could be more efficient than a 100%vote with no voting power left.
    This model can definitely be improved

  • Delegators should have an incentive to delegate their power to @promoted
    this incentive could be just a top-ranking list for delegators (fame), or even an economic incentive with shared curation rewards

  • yeah, probably. Its easy to tune the numbers in the settings of the bot ;)
  • I can manage a self-updating post with the list of delegators. For the curation rewards part you will need to talk with @fabien, I do not own the @promoted account ;)

Yes that's fair, we will give curation reward back to SP delegators.

Hello @fabien, I've tried the promoted button on two posts. The first time it worked but the second time it didn't do anything... I put in 10 steem dollar but nothing happened. I checked nulls account and saw that he received the money.. do you know what could have went wrong? I think I am not the only one with this problem though.. thanks in advance.

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