Why The Price Of STEEM Could Explode In 2018

in steem •  5 months ago

Well I said it before with the analytics and sheer common sense the steem price is about to explode. Steem will have a high for the rest of 2018-2019, The only thing steem needs is a high amount of adopters that will in turn take it from a regular asset into an asset that is very readily used and distributed. The more popular it gets the more the money or crypto (steem) will be used within the crypto space. We also have a or are going to have steem apps put in better use case than many other platforms out there. Just imagine if facebook had a reward system, that would be huge right well we have that right here no need to go looking for another platform that would give you the power steemit gives you or dtube. For more of a point of view or to get some valuable knowledge pertaining to this topic watch this video and tell other steemians what you think about the steem price prediction.

Best Regards Durian Walker

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