Robert Kiyosaki On The FUTURE Of Cryptocurrencies, Gold & Silver

in steem •  3 months ago

Hello Steemians, world renowned wealth master and inventor of Rich Dad Poor Dad has some very intellectual opinions on cryptocurrency, gold and silver. This is a very expected thing from such a brilliant business man. He usually spoke on the cash flow quadrant and business aspects that helped millions of people. This is not a surprise as men such as Warren Buffet have such a negative connotation on our industry. With Robert he gets assets coming from the days when he first started investing in oil and gold and hence silver. Listen to what he has to say about cryptocurrency. Also leave a reply about this topic and what you have to say about the state and were you believe cryptocurrency is going and what it will mean to us in the future.

Best Regards Durian Walker
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Nice one for us, we are really on the right track to making future.


Nice one for us, we
Are really on the right track
To making future.

                 - davideliyahu

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