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RE: Liberty: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Steem Blockchain

in #steem2 years ago (edited)

If the witness's from 21 down could come to some consensus with a blockchain version that suits the community and everyone ran the same version. Then in effect you trap the 20 fake witness's SP or at least the exchanges into holding steem power. So they are unable to power down without been removed from the top 20 positions.

So in effect you get all the community to vote for 21 to 41 in the witness list
Plus get everyone with steem on the 3 exchanged to withdraw their steem


Is this suggestion by @dune69 valid? Could it be done? Surprised no comments...

@dune69 @arthur.grafo you need 17/20 witnesses to make a difference, backups running a different version will only miss blocks and not achieve much.

I admit I did not understand what you said. Are you saying that having the majority of the top 20 is not enough, we must have at least 17 of them?

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