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RE: The Tangible and Intangible Gifts Our Community Has Provided: A Steemfest³ Musing

in #steem6 years ago

Just reading this has made me feel all warm and fuzzy and honestly feels like I was there, chasing you down and waving like a maniac.

You tell the best stories and have a way about you that makes everyone feel like they are the only one in the room with you. It is a gift.

Awesome that you got to go! Let's all Steem on, high or low.



It is my greatest wish; thank you so much for saying so. If I could have stopped every single person there and picked their brains for ten or fifteen minutes one on one I think I would have about died with happiness for everything that I could have learned.

I really would just like to express to people how apart from being a lovely party and all, and despite that I've always been a Steem cheerleader (albeit recognizing that we really need to get our shit together), I still gained a sense of refreshment and excitement about what's happening here... and that hopefully other people can pick up on that and realize a lot of it comes from the community, every day, in all sorts of forms.

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