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RE: First look at Steemsongs and a few questions...

in #steem3 years ago

This seems good!... Asking for e-mail is enough, i don't think anyone could have any problem with this...

Although i still would love to see an "upvote" per stream system, where people just need to upvote a song to be able to stream it directly, of course i think this would need to be attached to the steemit chain, but that would be indeed awesome!


We will be offering downloads not streams. However, you'll be able to up vote an artists posts and if you have enough mVests you'll be able to purchase the track immediately for free!

Ahh i see, well that is kind of similar of what i was thinking... And how about free sample streams?, i mean, how can the user find out if he like the author before purchasing?

Are posts going to be similar to the ones we make here on steemit?... I am really looking forward to this!, cant wait! :D

You'll be able to stream 30 seconds of each song before buying! Also yes - eventually you're actual blog stream will be added to the page (assuming they have relevant tags).

That sounds awesome!... Cant wait this to be launched... I guess there will be updates and added functionality after it is launched too...

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