STEEM vs DOGE in The Grand Finale For BTCC

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First of all, a huge thank you too all who voted for STEEM in the semi final for BTCC, we made it. That's it. We made it.

Second, it's not over yet. We're just entering the grand finale, in which people will have to chose between DOGE (the other winner) and STEEM.

But here's the thing. If I'm reading these images well, we may have a tougher battle ahead. As you can see, the voting universe for the DOGE was a little over 20k, whereas for the STEEM universe there were only 17k votes. That's the total number of people who voted on each of the two polls.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.05.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.05.09 PM.png

Going further, we can calculate that the total number of votes for STEEM was 7505, and the total number of votes for DOGE was 9448 (a simple rule of three).

Based on these numbers, I have only 2 comments:

  • let's be happy, but not too happy, as we still have some work to do until we get there. There's still a gap of approximately 2,000 people between STEEM and DOGE.
  • the most popular coins are not the ones with the most sophisticated minting algorithms, most powerful PR or most complicated consensus structures, but those with the most powerful communities. Like real people, not numbers or machines.

Real people.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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this could boost the price by a lot


yeap, not only price, but also adoption.

Lets do this!

It's all publicity and that can't be bad. Go Steem!


Agree :)

Great News... Thanks for posting !!!

UpVoted & Followed... please consider following me. Thanks again

          ~~~ STEEM On !!! ~~~

Absolutely agree. This needs to happen!!

Well I don't know if you can take both the votes at face value. I personally voted for DOGE and obviously wont for the head-to-head vote. I'm sure that applies to lots of people. So there's still hope!


There will be supporters of other coins who will vote too, so I tried to take this into account as well. I just think it's safer to think we have some work to do and don't rest on our laurels.

...was 9448. However, keep in mind that you were able to vote in both polls. I voted for Steem and casted a vote in the other poll, too.


I know that but it's safer to start from the presumption that all the votes were casted atomically and distinct.


I voted for DOGE in the other poll. Conversely, how many in the Dogecoin community voted for STEEM?


The real difference is less than 2000, but think about this: some people who voted for other coins will express themselves too, by picking either STEEM or DOGE. In this case, the potential difference may be even bigger than 2000.

I just think it's safer to start from this number, as a safety measure, if we find out further down the road that we're way ahead DOGE, it will be even better.

Let's get it on... all you steemians. Let's show the love!

Lets STEEM. Bring on the DOGE. we got this.

Thanks @dragonroua for the update, stats and motivation for our Steemit community to vote!

It will be hard to beat Doge, I think almost all Steemians have voted in a previous poll...


That's more like it ;)

Even if steem comes in second place it's still great for the price of steem. Might need to buy some more.

well, I voted to doge. Finally, I suppose they will both publish.


Would be fair, DOGE is surrounded by a very active community too.

I've got my finger on the button. Bring on that vote!


That's the spirit, pal :)

We can be very proud already, so i will annoy you all soon with my Poll reminders again.

Is the final already announced and live?

I think many voted gor DOGE and Steem, no they need to take sides, exciting time!


Good idea Uwe! You did a good job, also putting the link into the post. 👍🏻

i have a feeling we are going to win


I have a feeling that I like your feeling.


i think so

So when is the final round??


don't know yet, keep an eye on Bobby Lee's Twitter account.


Sure will do. Steem on!

Good job Steemit!


How many twitter accounts per minute can this guy create?


I love STEEM and i have voted for Steem.

Amazing vote! Thanks for the report @dragosroua, i'm watching your post :D

So when do we vote for the final round?


Will post as soon as I get the news.


Amazing results achived by Steem community. Just think about it - we beated etherium, ripple and other high market cap cryptos...

Do you remember how Monero was pushing so much force in this pull? It was 14% ahead. It was nearly impossible to win, but Steem did! It is huge. It shows how strong community is and how one values individuals who do work and care.


Totally agree. I followed closely and yes, Monero had a big advantage. All is well when ends well :)

I hope they will add SBD too ;-)


Hmm... For liquidity, it would be very good, obviously. But it would be interesting to see what happens if some deep pockets will try to pump SBD. I briefly witnessed this at the beginning of this rally.


Yeah... SBD now almost $2. It is not good, but rate in which network producing SBD increased too. We have 1,189,076.911 SBD already. A couple of weeks ago supply was around one million. Eventually we should cover demand for SBD, if the Steem market cap stays high. Anyway it will be interesting to see how things unravel.

Thanks! How can one vote? Any details on this?


Not yet, will publish details the moment I know them.


Thanks! I would like to vote, but don't know how.

The final round still hasn't started. I bet BTCC are having an emergency meeting because Ethereum didn't get into the final.

Now is the time to promote Steem more than ever!

very interesting, thanks for posting - Subbed!

great...resteem and upvote for you....