SBD Price Skewed At Coinmarketcap Again, Hitbtc Listing SBD As High As $19

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Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.34.22 AM.png

As you can see from the screenshot above, Coinmarketcap included again a pair from Hitbtc, SBD/BTC in their SBD calculation pool, which resulted in a price with around 10% higher than the average. It's kinda strange, since they excluded the SBD/ETH pair.

Hitbtc dubious play with SBD is going on for a few months now. Although the deposits and withdrawal are suspended, they are still listing the price on a ridiculous volume: $3,000. With this volume, you can drive the price of SBD even to $50, if you want.

I am still using Bittrex feed price on, which seems to be more aligned with the actual market.

So, please stay safe and check your data sources before engaging in any transaction.

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Thanks for the heads up, you’re much appreciated
This had happened before and it’s happening again, thanks One has got to be careful and get information checked and balanced

Coinmarketcap should exclude all those who dubiously play with any crypto's

I have an account on hitbtc, but the wallet is always under maintenance so I take their price out of the equation.

At this rate SBD will be 1 for 1 with Steem again...................

So, please stay safe and check your data sources before engaging in any transaction.

Thanks for the updates in here......

well why don't steemit team just take away its support from hitbtc that is a useless exchange

It's a big hike
I really hope to go even higher to achieve a distinct profit
Thank you for the great information

Very beautiful post Sir Your new posts feel more beautiful like it would feel better in future, I'll try to learn more about you. Thank you very much from my mind

Thanks for the advice

Will keep an eye on the bittrex market from now on

Wow great news SBD price skewed at coinmarket back again in $19 . I am so happy this news .

Thanks for sharing @dragosroua
Upvote you .

@dragosroua ....
nice information for traders....
Keep sharing.

Thanks for the heads up, your analysis is very much appreciated

Thanks for this information
Really interesting and well written article.

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