PA: Avoid Poloniex, STEEM Transfer Don't Show Up, No Warning

in steem •  10 months ago

Poloniex has, unfortunately, a consistent history of love and hate with STEEM / SBD. For weeks, their wallet was disabled and you couldn't deposit or withdraw STEEM, which created some strange discrepancies between their prices and other exchanges prices (in other words, only those who already had funds in Poloniex could trade and there was no arbitrage available).

Yesterday I sent a small amount there, 20 STEEM and it has yet to appear in my wallet. It's been almost 12 hours already and although I contacted their support team half an hour after the transfer, I have yet to hear from them, which is a bit unusual.

What's strange is that they have no warning about their STEEM wallet having difficulties at the moment.

While I'm confident this will be, eventually, solved, I thought it would be good to let other people know about this issue, maybe prevent other possible incidents.

Steem on!

Later edit: I just got this message from another user, so it seems this is not an isolated incident:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.34.56 AM.png

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I think Polo has been pretty good past months..this is not good though. But always clever to send many smaller amounts to see if it works rather than all in one go.


Yeah, that's why I am confident this will be sorted out, I think it's just a glitch. But even so, better to let other people know about it, for the exact reason you mentioned: maybe some of them are sending large amounts and it sucks to lose control of your funds like that...

Is the issue with Poloniex per se or there are other exchanges with similar problem?


Didn't try other exchanges. For now just Poloniex, AFAIK.


Wouldn't blocktrades be easier to deal with?


Probably, didn't try the yet. When poloniex was down I was using bittrex with good results.



Thanks :)


Hahaha! Thanks to you my friend...this is another example of centralism of the traditional exchanges. Hope one day we can trade at DEX with half of the markets of POLO or BITTREX but today we cannot. I'm just trying to promote DEX by using any chance to do so...

Polo is a drama queen! I hate it and keep in touch with Bittrex!


Their support staff is really very bad. They do not reply in time.

Yep, I remember the same problem with polo in summer. Hope they fix it faster than last time...

and now in poloniex prices are high but they dont want to accept deposits, seems like planned

I had trouble with Poloniex and HitBTC for months at a time, I switched to Blocktrades to do ETH (pick a asset), for a quicker and more direct exchange.

Yup, I sent 100 steem to Poloniex this morning and am still not seeing it :(

Dragos , I have a ticket opened for more than a month now. No reply , either on the ticket or on twitter etc. ..

yes i faced the same issue yesterday transferred sbd to poloniex and still didn't showed up yet glad that i sent only 1 sbd pheww

I am facing the same issue. Transfer of 147 SBD is still "pending" since yesterday & does not show up anywhere.

I guess their updating of the transaction will take very long, so I am still confident that it will eventually work out.

I thought is was just me. 24 hours and still no steem in my wallets. There are thousands of people affected and hundreds of thousands in steem. Makes bellyrub scam look tiny.

Millions Being Held Hostage.

Thank you for sharing :) @dragosroua

i thing website sever problem............becuse poloniex is good website i use long time