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RE: Our Plan for Onboarding the Masses

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My comment was in response to the Steem Ninja blast. They offer a wonderful service for this blockchain. I appreciate you updated your post given latest information, however it does put doubt about your other points (which may or may not be true, I don't know). I generally dislike any type of propaganda comments as they are primarily spammed, but its on open blockchain I do hope comments with such conviction are accurate.


I made a fool of u doon! u check urself!

You made a fool of yourself man and are only trolling at this point. Now I know not to take you seriously. Way to frame us 'tokers' in a good light. You are the most anti-cannabis culture I've seen on this platform

And I'll be flagging you a lot moar! Writing down u'r name so I don't forget it! lol jk! Idiot #1 of the day! DONE! Why do you guys have to be so stupid?

Stfu u fuckin’ retard! Don’t talk to me ever again! ok! 👌
And I haven’t toned a hit of weed in months! If you could read, or would have read my blog u would know this. So I have zero tolerance for your ignorance! I don’t even tome, I quit! lol! Just cause I grow it, dinner mean I smoke it dumbass!

Weed smokers can't remember from 2 seconds in the past. I told u I corrected it yesterday and somehow U still like to argue and calm me names! U r dumb - plain & simple minded over cooked doon brain toker! Just for that I might not even start smoking back up ??? You just made me realize how stupid you people really are, all stoned dazed & confused... All Day long I bet 2!?? Not like me, I'm clear headed finally and I love it! If I were stoned I couldn't do all this!?? Really Kuz! For Realz!

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