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I will send you a few hundred steem for the bot (promotion from sf6 to sf2)!

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please sir @dimimp consider our project it really benefit able to the users and easy to run the bot we need a good SP, sir you are our single hope to complete this project sir

you need more delegation?

oh shit, sorry, yeah (I just checked). I thought you had more delegation than 5k. I will bump your delegation up after i pay the contest winners!

I am still making you take that promotion though!

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Thanks Sir @dimimp For Promoting me

Sir I am eagerly waiting for your love as you said

great work my friend, I need to show you some more love for such effective work on our recent initiatives. What level are you again? I know I hired you but I must not have wrote it down?!

Let me come in here. I'm part of the discord team. It's just me and him, so I'm humbly requesting for a promotion too.

And about the proposal, yes! We need more than the 5000 delegated SP for better job done. We are glad you will be giving us, thank you very much!

However, we also need some Steem to make the bot run efficiently. It's still on someone's server. We want to host it on ours.

Thanks for acknowledging my design sir, I don't suppose I can get a place on the SF?


Good day @dimimp, thanks for the swift response. Okay i got a reply from you from one of your post, which was this

When i got the reply, i quickly made a freestyle song for the steemjet just as you have asked me to. Here's the video

But i got no reply for you even when your power down was due. You distributed to others but i wasn't included. Earlier this morning i got another reply from you saying;

And so today i decided to drop another YouTube video. Please i hope you don't skip this one just as you have promised, and at least reward me with your gigantic liquid steem from your power down that'll be available in few days.

Here's it @dimimp. I'll be waiting for your feedback and support. Thanks a lot Sir #Respect

Trust him! He is a man of his word...He will definitely sort your bills if only he likes your work....@dimimp Rocks....