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"you don't wan't the value of Steem to go to a bunch of probably soon wothless ICOs"

I'm not sure what you are saying. The steem & sbd that are generated are going to go to the author of the post that the user upvotes, not matter what. It's just that in this case the author is essentially giving back half of the reward to the user on the condition that it is used for the ICOs he is promoting. Those SBD are presumably paid to the ICO founders who then have it and will later put it back into the system, either by selling it on an exchange or using it in their steem wallet in some other way. If people want to spend their upvote (and yes, an upvote has value) on an ICO that might be a bust, so what?


Thank you for questioning me and sorry for answering late.. I could definately have written a better response but to clear things up here. I don't know if they will be worthless soon so that's just something that could happen and seems to have happened to a lot of ICOs. I shouldn't have written that because I'm not an expert on it.

As for Steem loosing some value to these promoted ICOs. Are you saying that this won't be a problem because they will keep those SBD to the same extent as someone who's invested socially on this platform? And use their voting power to promote quality content just as much as someone making content here? Because if not this would still be true right? Unless there's something else I'm missing like this somehow pulling in new users to invest in Steem just to buy ICOs with votes. What are you thinking?

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