RE: Who created the most new Steem accounts since HF20?

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Who created the most new Steem accounts since HF20?

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Nice. I've created accounts for people in the past (I'm not sure how many, but basically whenever someone wanted an account at our meetups and also for the SIN conference). I haven't done any since HF20, but I do plan to keep doing it. Now that it only costs RC's, hopefully more people will start to create accounts for friends and their application users, but it will take time.

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How can an account be created without STEEM?
I read that they intend to make it possible, and I also read that it costs too much RCs.
And how did you create them with STEEM?
I know about a way to do it, but it uses steemconnect, and costs STEEM.


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It's possible now (hard fork 20 was a few weeks ago) for users with sufficient SP.

I used to use, which just makes the process easier. Ultimately you use the command line create_account, whether you do that with your own node or by using the web interface provided by SteemConnect.


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