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RE: What Steemit Can Learn About 0x Giveaway

in #steem2 years ago
  1. There isn't much for free that I wouldn't accept. STD's would be a free thing I wouldn't accept.
  2. I think Steemit is beyond this sort of thing, because we have the dApps like SteemMonsters that already do the giveaways. SteemMonsters has probably bought in a lot of people interested in Steem. Steem Inc should highlight dApps like SteemMonsters to show how well they run on the system.
  1. Well sign up using my referral link ;)
  2. Well if you get on new people learn about steem/steemit. If you set up a decentrlaized crypto tutor/rewards platform. Other people from other crypto platforms are introduced to Steem.

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