I Updated My Profile Photo

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Most Steem interfaces crop your profile image into a circle. Then why is my image a square?


I designed the image so that when it is cropped to a circle it would be perfectly balanced. Then when users are viewing my profile on an interface that uses a square profile photo I won't just have white surrounding it or have it awkwardly stretched.


New Image


Previous Image


Let me know what you think of my new image.

Did you like the older one better? Do you not like either? Comment your thoughts.








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Best Regards,





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Thank you for the upvote and of course for the fantastic esteem.

This was my first post using the esteem platform. I plan to make this my new go to interface. Both mobile and desktop.

I like the new one more, the smile revealing your lovely dents are there to see in both pictures but the new one looks cooler to me with the beard looking well trimmed.
You definitely can't fail to go places with your kind of look Dalton!

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I agree with you. New and fresh is the smart choice.
You always have the kindest words, I’m glad to share our experiences on Steem together.


Likewise Dalton ☺

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Sooooo,, I am new and came across YOU, Can you help me fox my profile pics? I am crooked. Can you advise a solution?


Your image needs to be rotated clockwise 90 degrees.
Then reuploaded.