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RE: User Retention: This is Our Community

in #steem3 years ago

that is new information as well. Thanks for that tidbit, I just "powered up" for the first time, which I think I understand a little, my account is now valued at $.60 hahahaha. This is definitely a very new concept to me. Thanks again, I am sure to read a lot of your content, so if for no other reason keep churning that good stuff out!


I will try and youre welcome. I know how happy i was when my first post earned a cent. Its more happiness than the salary i get each month. It kind of tells you your opinion is worth something to a complete stranger.

no lie my first post got $.36 and I had no followers. I was automatically hooked.... I feel like I am pretty bright and pick up on things quickly, so when I have a real challenge I can tell it is time to engage.

Thats the spirit. And this is a great site to engage. Hope you enjoy your steemit experience.