🎥 How much STEEM Power should every Steemian have?

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Hello dear Steemians, Dtubers and members of DCooperation!

I think that STEEM ecosystem will be much more successful if it is more decentralized. So, I think the STEEM Power should be more decentralized and not concentrated in the hands of the whales.

So, my question is: «How much STEEM Power should every Steemian have?»

Please, watch my video and see my point of view, before you answer the question.

I am a member of #dcooperation community. A community that supports Dtubers. You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation.

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  ·  last year (edited)

....Every (Steemian) SHOULD have ?

Should ???

IMHO, everyone should have the right to BUY as many, as one wants and can afford to BUY.
There is NO a single whale, nor a single orca, who became so wealthy by blogging on Steemit. ALL (!!!) of them have got their status on Steemit by transforming their wealth from the other forms. From the wealth they gained before Steem was even invented.
Your suggestion to divide all steem between all steemians equaly reminds me only one thing: Towarishtch Sharikow's statement from movie "Heart of a dog".

"Wziat wsio da i podelitj" Right?

Take all and divide, share equally ?

I would rather die, but not go back to live under Bolshevik rules, Bolshevik regime.
I got enough of that.


P.S. edit
If you like to refresh your memories, jump over to 17:10 here 》》

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@onealfa, thank you for commenting. I appreciate your opinion.
Btw, I have never said that the SP should be divided. I think it is not fair to simply take the SP and divide it equally among Steemians. I don't think it is right, all of a sudden, to give the same amount of SP to a person who don't do anything (neither create content, nor invest his money) and to a person who is working hard, or invest his money. I don't say that I am right, but this is my point of you.
In the video, I just asked the question what is the OPTIMAL amount that every Steemian should posses, so that the ecosystem works more effectivly and become more successful. Just watch the video.

I am not familiar with the economic theory of the bolsheviks. As I know, it was a movement in the USSR or Russian Empire in the beginning of the 20th century. I will check in the internet one day if I have time, what their economic theory was. But, in my video, I've expressed my view that is based on the more advanced economic theories, such as the Metcalfe's law, which is applicable to the Era of Digital Economy. So, accordint to this law, the higher the decentralization, the higher the number of users, the higher the value of ecosystem. Bitcoin is a classical example. It is the less centralized crypto. That's why BTC is the most expensive one.

Thank you once again for commenting.


You are right, most people are here for upvotes, not for comments. They do their best to make good posts and in the end getting cents. I was posting in steemit for 11 months on steemit. The only thing that let me stay here is @dtube. Because no whale was upvoting me. I was commenting everywhere, I was creating a few posts per day. I voted for the best witnesses. I was everywhere, that's why a lot of people know me, but the upvotes were so low, so I decided to try to create videos. Also steem power should be distributed between steemians fairly, you are right. If we are still here, if we are still active, if we are doing something, we should be rewarded. Thanks for the nice question and the inspiration. Keep asking those smart questions and replying them in such wonderful way. ☺

  ·  last year (edited)

@clixmoney, thank you for the valuable comment!
Yeah, I understand you. You were very active on Steemit for a long period, but you were not rewarded appropriately. It simply demotivate the people.
I also think that STEEM Power should be distributed fairly. Of course, this is quite a philosophical question. I don't mean that imediately we have to become almost equal. It will not be fair, if a Newcomer just comes and gets the same SP as an already active content creator. But, I think it is not fair that some whales just have a lot of SP, and make a lot of money on it, without even actively participating in the development of STEEM blockchain. I think in a long run most real (active) Steemians should have almost equal amount of SP. But, this should be a long process. Every Steemian should try to do his best.

wow This is a very amazing question my brother ... @cryptospa our questions and question marks thank you for explaining that I hope you will find a quick answer

@armia, thank you for the comment. Yeah, I just want to hear what the other Steemian think about it. I am curious to hear their point of views.

VERY good @cryptospa, resteemed!

It's an easy goal, everyone can reach!!

@lyndsaybowes, thank you for stopping by! Yeah, the goal is easy to achieve, I agree with you.
Thank you for resteem! I hope your gals are recovering and doing well. Have a great day!

Hi there @cryptospa. Just subscribed to your channel. I upvote and resteem. I also agree that more people should have Steem power distributed more evenly. I been using Steemit since February. Took a long time to get noticed on here. I really like the DTube platform. Very good platform it is. I really liked your ideas and information. I feel it is very important for the awareness of this all in this space. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more of your content.

@worldtraveller32, thank you for the nice and supportive words! Thank you for the upvote and resteem. I will also follow you. Yeah, DTube is really a great platform. Yeah, I think that if the STEEM Power is less centralized, it will be much more successful ecosystem and the price of STEEM will be much higher. I hope in a long run it will happen. I am an optimist.


5000SP is a decent level

@daydream4rock, I also think that 5000 SP is really a decent level. I agree with you. I will be glad to see in 2-3 years more Steemians has such amount of SP.

This is an impossible question to answer. How many users do you want using Steem? If the answer is 300 million then each person would only get one coin with a perfectly even distribution.

We need to be less focused on how many coins people have and more concerned about how inflation is being distributed. Theoretically if a big enough portion of the community can come to consensus, proof-of-brain could actually be implemented.

The real problem with crypto has, and always will be, coming to consensus. A very large group of people have to agree before they can move forward. This is easy to achieve with objective algorithms like proof of stake and proof of work, but proof of brain is totally subjective.

Perfect notes !

@edicted, thank you for commenting! Great answer! I know that my question (in the video) is very philosophical one. And it is very hard to find the right answer.
Yeah, to be honest I would like to see 100 or 200 millions of Steem users in 5 to 10 years time. I am curious what would be the amount of SP the median user has (in that case).

What is the proof-of-brain consensus above? Could you send me a link to read about it? Or could you try to explain me in a few words?
To be honest, at the moment, I think proof-of-work is the best consensus algorithm for a cryptocurrency. I am not pretty sure if STEEM is crypto, or a kind of utility token. But in a long run the boundaries between cryptocurrency and utility token may be diluted.

Yeah, the inflation of STEEM is a topic that I have thought about many many times. I still don't have a clear answer on this issue. Many people think that the inflation of STEEM at current levels between 8% and 9% is quite high...But it is diminishing slowly. Also, ETH (and even to some extent BTC) has inflation. Yeah, probably the absence of Total Supply Limit makes STEEM a bit less attractive to investors... I don't know. It is something that bothers me, as well. But, it could turn out that for such kind of tokenized ecosystem, it is better if there is no limit of the Total Supply. I still have no clear answer to this issue.

Thank you @edicted for the very interesting comment.

It is interesting from your financial background that you come with this number in mind, 3000 Steem Power. To make this culture change, everyone needs to put effort and give to others and then you will have something in return, the law to give and take in action.

Instead of waiting and wait forever for a whale. In my case, I make the commitment to always upvotes people who left me comments and not act as a greedy dude!

I wish you an outstanding journey and great analysis. :)

@chesatochi, thank you for the valuable comment! Actually, in this video, I didn't apply any kind of financial analysis. But, I think that if the SP is more diversly distributed then it will be much more effective and we will all benefit from it. I also don't want to rely on 1-2-3 whales. It will be very nice if more people get to the level of 3000 SP. But it is a long process.

Have a great journey as well! Btw, almost all of us are part of the same journey! We are all participating in the STEEM journay. So, I would star saying: "Let us have a wonderful journey!"
Have a good day my friend.

It takes some time to get 3000 Steem Power organically, but the vesting is shifting on the lower fish level and this will benefit more in the long run.

First thank you for another good question with present in front of us a nice thoughts.

It is really sad that most of the steam is concentrated in some whales, and they do not make any kind of content, rather they are bigger day.

Because I trust the ecosystem and believe that with the help of each other we can strengthen the community, make our content better, we can improve our quality.

I believe, the more the newers get support, the more interested in the community. Although I do not get much time, then I try to see everyone's post and support. I gave my 75% steem power as a delegation.

By the way I like you statistical analysis.

@hafizullah, thank you for your great comment! I am sure you are great person, not only a great DTuber and Steemian. You do a lot to help other Steemians grow. You support many communities. You add a lot of value to DTube (at least in my view).
I agree with you...that the Newcomers need support. Because if we don't support the Newcomers we will remain alone in the STEEM blockchain and in the end we will fail.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks again my dear friend. As a community lover, I believe its my responsibility and I am trying my best like @Nathanmars, @Clixmoney, @Madushanka and also you. You Know When I am here very new, I got a lot of support from @nathanmars and great guidelines from @alphasteem that is why I am also trying do something like them.

@hafizullah, thank you! Keep on doing the great job!

  ·  last year (edited)

That's a smart thing about upvotes. Would be fair. But so far it is not quite so.
And the figure 3000 SP - also very good). But I think so because I'm plankton. But the whales probably think otherwise.

@behelan, yeah, I agree with you! Nice comment. I am smiling while reading it.

I just came on board Steemit in May this year and am still learning my ways around it. I don't have an answer for you but I would love to read the comments from others what they think.
So, thanks for bringing up this question

@ireenchew, thank you for commenting! Yeah, this is quite a philosophical question. So, different people have different views. We will see.

I think for myself the standard SP amount should be 500. That amount unlocks the voting slider. Great video, keep up the great work.

@reseller, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your answer! 500 SP... I am curious if the big whales will be ready to give up/or lose somehow their huge SP.
Have a great day, man!

Yeah im not sure how that could happen other than them selling off their shares some how which is not going to happen in this economy. With every HF comes new rules so we will see if HF21 makes it harder on whales or easier on them. To be honest we need them to make steemit complete.

@reseller, yeah, I understand you. We will see what happens in the next HF.
Btw, I also think that we need the whales and their help. Of course, most of them I are among the creators of the ecosystem. They are the guys who laid the foundation of Steem blockchain. So, definitely we should respect them. And, actually, I think that our STEEM ecosystem needs everyone of us. Together we should do everything possible to support the ecosystem and make it progress.
Thank you for the comment!

Thanks for information!

Ok. :)

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If every steemain was given the same amount of steem it would do nothing. Everyone is given the same amount when they first created an account.

@acromott, yeas, I agree with you. I don't think the ecosystem will operate effectively if everyone is given the same amount of SP.

This is a tough question. I think if we didn't need SP to have a valuable witness vote on Steem, it would be better. Wealth is one thing, but I think it's not as powerful as just giving voting power. With mass wealth can either come massive step backs, or massive progress. Looking at American banks, but then also Elon Musk as examples.

@pacific-yt, thank you for commenting.