Steemit Advertising Campaign[part 133]

in steem •  9 months ago

Here on steemit we have an opportunity to start a positive feedback loops, We have the power to fund ideas with the click of a button. We all have an incentive to see steemit attract more users and grow this beautiful platform!

New 30 day campaign results so far:

old 30 day campaign results so far:

Decided to take a shot with some video promotion on the bloomberg interview. For tracking the video at this time has 174 views.

These advertising campaign's are funded with upvotes from people like you! Thanks for your support!
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I try and help with user retention. God this is 133th ?That means I need to check out all the 132?To start from the beginning and know all about it


hehe they are all pretty much the same ;)


Then I am skipping going back but will always try to catch up your latest post when ever I get time.

thanks for this Post....

amazing, the information is very helpful.@cryptohustlin.

very good performance tanks.. stem Coin and stem block chain different other... very useful speak..