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Hi everyone I was thinking of what to write next when in one of my comments I had the eureka moment lol. It's been another long day and have been racking my puny brain for something to write about. Funny how your mind set changes once you are on this place. You look at things and say to yourself is there a post in that?

I am sure some of you have had a few upvotes or at least an upvote by now from the steem-ua initiative. It has created a buzz around the platform and a little excitement from the smaller accounts that were really struggling. Not only are the votes decent but I like the personalized comments as such. It gives you your ranking and how you have done over the last 3 days. A little depressing if you have dropped or elation if you are going up. The score is more of a barometer on how you are doing , so something to definitely take note of.

It also gives some advice on your account which is good to see and is sound advice. mine said that I have only a few people following me and need to convince people with good work. Easier said than done mind you as I am not a campaigner and a brown noser. That is not me and detest that sort of thing really. I am clueless on this bit as there is nothing more I can do right now. The only way is to post more and be noticed. I do spend time reading other posts and commenting but getting a vote is something and a follow is next to impossible. Who knows maybe that will change over the coming months and it won't be from lack of effort either.

I have seen a few hinted comments around already looking for follows and personally that is the same as someone asking for a vote. This is going to be the time factor on growing ones ranking and getting to know more people on here. Rome wasn't built in a day they say and nor is your Steem account so patience is the key.

Happy Steeming and power up.

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For me commenting something is sometimes extremely hard. First I have a general idea about what I think in my head (in Finnish), then I start translating it in my head and I end up googleing almost every word and idiom, not to mention the grammar.

Then I have to take a break, get some coffee, maybe play with my cats for a while, empty the dishwasher and finally end up back to my computer where there's still my comment waiting to be finished and I barely remember what I was trying to say and end up canceling the whole comment.

But steem-ua really seems awesome. I also delegated some SP there. And it already commented one of my posts that out of 188 contributions I wasn't ranked last but almost last. Well, that's not exactly what it said but that's how I read it. Anyway, I'm extremely happy that a bot spoke to me. So it's a win-win situation! :D


You are doing very well for a Fin. Nothing wrong with your English either. You need to comment more to get your ranking up. I will try and keep pushing you so you it would be good for you to grow.


You are doing very well for a Fin.
You need to comment more

I know. But a Fin commenting more is an oxymoron. Almost impossible. :D Thank goodness I don't have to speak! Out loud.

Nothing wrong with your English either.

In my opinion I'm taking shortcuts when I write in English. And I mean I use simpler words and simpler sentences that I would use when writing in Finnish. Don't know enough synonyms to make the posts more interesting, but of course I try and I hope I'll get better and that my vocabulary gets larger with practice.

Thanks for pushing! :D

You look at things and say to yourself is there a post in that?

lol i totally relate with this..

Easier said than done mind you as I am not a campaigner and a brown noser.

This is worse for me, though I still go round leaving comments, but having to ask for follow, that's tough for me to do. But then again, people who have a lot of steempower have better chances at receiving comments on their posts because a lot of users expect a decent upvote from them, how about people who dont have that much steempower, only occasionally do they get commenters apart from friends they've made overtime...

I hope things iron out for better over time


I don't think one should ask for a follow or a vote but they should want to follow you because you are a decent person with good posts. Mine will be for a decent person though.


Exactly...I wish this was all it required

Nothing is good then fresh air

you have the 700's followers so you are doing something right! Rome wasn't built in a day. You are well known on the platform and your posts are good. I am trying to set a target of getting to know 2 more people a day. Alot of people go for the introduce yourself tag and net a few newbies. Not a bad strategy and I know the guy that taught me about this platform and if I get big I will look after him with delegation in time.


Problem is it is really like 10% of that. Go to steemspectacles and you will see dead accounts and ghosts. 2 a day is not really realistic though to get genuine followers. I reckon one a day tops but then you will run out of voting power very quickly. I can't brown nose like you though.


Yeah thats why my voting power is shot the last day or two and I'm gonna have to take a 24 hour sabbatical!You gotta speculate to accumulate. Brown nosing? How very dare you! I have never been so insulted in all my days. 😜
Did I tell you about the time when an extremely charming nice gent told me about UA in good faith and then I made a post bleating on about not a hope of delegating 25 SP to an untrusted party because I wanted to grow my account , and everyone else is mad to do it. Then flip like a thai prostitute after getting delegated 100SP! 😉. Oh wait Im thinking of someone else! Isn't that right......... Khun Lao?
I'm still in the gutter staring at the stars with all my 0 SP friends and the little ghost fellas !! You go off there now and enjoy your UA spoils with the fat cats while us lowly 25SP delegates wait for ours. 😜


Lol. The big votes do make a huge difference and they just happen. I have one regular who makes on curation and they are big votes so I need to say thank you at some point. Won't be much but will be the thought that counts on this one.


because you have good content and are genuine! Did you rescue that guys cat from a burning building or something 😂? Its great though. Fair play for getting them .

have only a few people following me and need to convince people with good work

Love this, and you are definitely on track

howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! well sir..I think you're doing everything you can do and look, soon you'll hit a rep of 60 so that tremendous progress don't you think?