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Personally I believe the secret to being successful on any social media website is to interact with and build a community! What better way than to giveaway free money to the ones who are going to be loyal followers of mine. This is the first of many Steem givaways that I will do! If you want to get FREE SBD, then all you have to do is upvote this post and follow!!


You can Resteem the post if you want, which will further increase the reward pool, and earn you'll earn even more through curation rewards.
100% of SBD from this post will be distributed to a voter on Sunday.

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I usually Follow those that are Following me and/or those that have Upvote or commented on my posts. It is generous of you to offer SBD to Followers, as you stated who doesn't want/like to grow their wallet? However, does this mean that they are loyal supporters? Myself, I personally believe that being actively introducing interesting content and/or comments will achieve a loyal and solid core of Followers. Contests can work too, but for how long? Eventually "the content police" aka whales may sink the upvote vessel? I've seen it, It does happen.

good point! ultimately since I am so new I just want to use this to build a strong community! I personally followed you and hope to see more of your content as well! I don't want to focus my channel around giveaways just think a few giveaways can help me gain an active following.

@ crypticcoin Nothing wrong with that at all. I agree with that myself, I do the same. Thanks for your support and the Follow. I have done the same. I wish you much success and may this be a great year for us all. (like your name choice too, your picture is that Peru?

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thank you

welcome to steemit where all the interesting writing will be get the rewads

Thank you!

Awesome, your post has been re-steemed. Thanks @crypticcoin.

thank you

An interesting initative Crypticcoin! I look forward to seeing the results :).

Thanks! Appreciate the comment

I hope I win :)

you must follow as well to be eligible

Agree - If you want to be successful beyond producing quality content, you need to engage with the community. 2 principles I find work in life and steemit #givefirst #bpositive - followed and upvoted :)

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Thank you

@jeronimoo I am pretty sure referral links are considered as spam. They are frowned upon. Why? Because if everyone posted their own referral links the site would look like a commercial or an advertisement. I think that's the last thing any of us want, at least it's the last thing I want to see. If you enjoy and use/utilize referral links? Let me know and I will be happy to send you some of my guaranteed money making referral links.

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Followed and Resteemed, I love this community to share my opinions

Thanks! Really appriciate it!

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you got it...

if you could kindly follow me back you will be eligible for the prize

ok...i'll try...thanks