SBD at $5.88 WHAT THE ??? Steem trading at $1.90steemCreated with Sketch.

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What the heck happened here? Why is the SBD smoking gasoline? Trading at $5.88? WOW ! Steem is finally garnishing some more steem and trading near the $2 mark. That's good news for sure. Does anyone know why the SBD is travelling up so rapidly? Trying to make sense out of this. Thanks for any input you might have. Looks like all of our Steemit Accounts are finally going up in Value. This is a GREAT thing. More up days to come. Cheers All.

(image uploaded from google imaging in the subject of Steemit)

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I noticed it too. just as I was thinking of investing in steem but the price is way beyond me. It would be a good time to lease steem power though, from blocktrades

Dear @crowe ,Can i have get your permission to resteem this??

Hi! I'm a robot! I noticed that you took your payout as 100% power-up and I just wanted to let you know that right now, you will potentially make a LOT more money if you take the 50/50 option that pays you some SBD. You can read about why this is true here. If you want me to leave you alone, just reply with the word STOP.


I only upvoted him because he picked 100% steem power.
I prefer to reward authors who do so.


Fair enough! But the difference between payouts with 50/50 vs 100% powerup is staggering right now, hence the informational message bot.


I have no problem with the bot, and every word is true; it's just not the whole story.
We don't know how much of our rewards are decided by our selection in that menu.
Naturally, $6 SBD is hard to argue with, but if choosing 50/50 stands to cost you a solid resteem, and half your potential upvotes, it might not be as simple a choice.

Thank you so much for your another ardor content sharing.

thanks for sharing about sbd of luck my friend@crowe