CoinChaos Moon Mission Update

in steem •  16 days ago 

Hi Steem,

CoinChaos here with another update. Alright, Things look to be stabilized in the primary and secondary engines. BTC node is being run at max settings. Limits have been removed from the network node. Work continues to push the blockchain forward. Adjustments are being implemented in the STEEM engine and the use of vote bots is in full effect. The goal of using the vote bots is too get more of the supply and HODL it. I think this will help get things going in the right direction. I will be using vote bots on a delay to allow curators to gain from the upvotes. Tests will continue and adjustments made going forward. Until next time explorers, BUIDL and HODL and I will see you on the moon.

Over and out,
Moon Mission Explorer #1

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