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Merry Christmas to all and to all a CryptoKitty

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Life is Good @ steemit.com 💗


I have 5 pirate cats! And both offspring of the most expensive cat ever sold (280eth). Also I dont fully grasp the Cat market. Very finicky.

I saw some today for cheap, but I'm not rolling in cash so staying in Crypto, it's almost a sure climber. Kitty's?
hard to say.
Happy Holidays

Must say the whole cryptokitty thing took me by surprise. No way I thought it was explode as it did. But I think it proved the flaws with ETH more then anything. One app that really didn't have that much volume crippled their network.

Have some ideas on how to take the kitty idea to the next level and merge it with some other poplar type games. Wonder if it could be launched on the steem blockchain.

You ain't seen nothing yet Brother. Shit is about to hit the fan. :-)
Cryptopuppies are launching soon , plus a virtual world is already selling land at a BIG profit.
Stay tuned....
Merry Christmas

Who has the virtual land? This all intrigues me and really want to research the entire concept further.

Oh cool...my upvote is now 4 cents. Like the rise in Steem value increasing voting power!

I used to play a couple games like that where you claim land and build, interact with other people etc. this 1 is https://blog.decentraland.org/
Land is not going very cheap and is paid for with MANA.
Have Fun & good luck
don't forget your free cryptopuppie http://cryptopuppies.org/
or https://www.cryptopets.co/
Things are going to get crazy from here

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