STEEM / Crypto on long, steady slide

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Wow, if I was new to crypto right now, I'd be looking the other way. Steem and Crypto have been on a slide since the beginning of the year. Is there any end in sight? Objectively, I can say that the leadership and management team has done very little to bolster support and confidence for STEEM in the broader marketplace. Yes, there has been some presence at different crypto events, but no coherent marketing or promotional operation. Now, I'm not all into cheerleading, but at minimum there should be weekly if not daily communication from the leadership team about new developments, new sites, and broader commentary on crypto marketplace. And what is with @ned posting shots of himself on a plane and a few whimsical comments? Honestly, does anyone care? Tell us what the hell the plan is for STEEM! I keep trying to believe, but the proof is in the pudding and I haven't had dessert for quiet awhile!

... just sayin', gotta keep it real /// peace @clumsysilverdad

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It is a legitimate question.

When Crypto goes / people seem to stow their questions and enjoy it. When crypto goes \ the doubts start to surface in our minds and we tend to vocalize them.

Now that it is going \ I am seeing many posts/discussions about SMTs, popularity score algorithm, reward pool and bots. So I am not alone in wondering.

I am of the opinion that in a community as active as this, @ned would be like a referee if he said anything specific (IE no matter what it was, it would piss a group of people off.) If they are hard at work hammering out the next release instead, then that would be good.

If also don't like IFs either. I am sure others don't if they count on the STEEMit business income to pay some of the bills.

I suppose it is a wait and see while watching the transparent actions of the whales on the block chain for overall sentiment and premonition.

Yes but there needs to be some level of communication to assure us of whats going to happen next, he needs to stay in touch with some people, regardless of what he says good or bad it's better to know a bit than not know at all.

Have we seen the glory days of steemit already? Has steem had its day?? Personally, I hope not!! I've made some great friends and a brand new stacking community has really taken to the platform, but where is it heading? We were told communitys were the next thing but it all just seems to have stagnated.

Take care fella and I'll catch you soon.

It is not easy for steem to increase support to a wider market. To convince the various elements, steam must be strongly campaigned to be widely known by the public.

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