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I've spend a week creating this video :

I gathered entries from a few members of our community @dcooperation and other steemians I asked for.

I spent a few hours editing the video.

I uploaded the video on both @dtube and youtube.

If you want to support the video, please upvote, resteem, comment this post : "60 Seconds of Steem" by @DCooperation community ! , all the earning will go to power up our members and they are all steemians.

You can also help us to promote the video on youtube by commenting that video there and liking it and even subscribing on our new youtube channel :

All the members who participated in that video are : @cryptospa , @soufiani , @bobaphet , @behelen , @iamjadeline , @paulag , @mrchef111 , @emsonic , @ireenchew , @dmilliz , @ilazramusic , @mediahousent , @mjtravel , @zekepickleman , @elisonr13 , @eugelys , @gaborockstar , @geekoverdose , @joythewanderer , @kaerpediem.


Calling for help from all our delegators : @cryptospa , @holgerwerner , @starkemmy , @soufiani , @bobaphet , @freecrypto , @eftnow , @steemflow , @behelen , @rehan12 , @robertandrew , @captainbob , @iamjadeline ,@cowboysblog , @steemitbaby , @thecrytotrader , @camuel , @paulag , @mrchef111 , @jeronimorubio , @mcoinz79 , @clicked , @emsonic , @ireenchew , @jgvinstl , @dmilliz , @saiful39 , @ilazramusic ,@veganroma , @romafedorov , @mjtravel , @madushanka , @zekepickleman , @aidarojaswriter ,@vegan4theanimals , @fruitdaddy .
Witnesses : @igormuba , @aggroed @steemcommunity @adsactly-witness @arcange @ausbitbank @blockbrothers @blocktrades @brandonfrye @curie @drakos @firepower @fulltimegeek @fyrst-witness @good-karma @gtg @helpie @jesta @justyy @krnel @mahdiyari @pharesim @roelandp @scottcbusiness @steemgigs @steemitboard @stoodkev @teamsteem @therealwolf @timcliff
And people who I know may help : @coruscate , @alphasteem , @steemcafe , @surpassinggoogle , @binkyprod , @theycallmedan , @nathanmars , @edprivat , @aidarojaswriter , @enrique89 , @gaborockstar , @zainenn , @alexabsolute , @zaxan , @anttn , @eddiespino , @jgvinstl , @jozef230 , @tanbay , @yanipetkov , @chesatochi , @anomadsoul , @hauptmann .

I hope anyone seeing this will go and show some activity on our youtube video and channel.

For now we have only 29 subscribers, let see what this post will bring.

I appreciate every single steemian. ☺

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I hope you guys a great success and hope more youtuber will switch here for a better future on the great steem blockchain. :)


Thanks a lot, we are doing our best to invite more youtubers to steem blockchain. We are all excited about this. ☺


Thanks. :)

Good Job guys!!!



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All the best @clixmoney :)


Thanks a lot.

Upvoted, resteemed and tweeted. Well done!

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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it. ☺