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RE: Global Blockchain Technologies announces $20m fund to invest in Steem SMTs

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

Really great news, I remeber selling my @steemfund account to Blockchain Tech Corp´s President.. I never imagined that this would be the project that he had in mind!, is huge! .. really happy about this!


I am not familiar with that, what was @steemfund?

it was an initiative to crowdfund small projects with votes.. we also gave out some loans.. I am happy the account will remain alive and I am sure they will give it good use.

You deserve a thank you for getting this handle, trying to do crowdfunding with it and then selling it to a big boy. You will now be part of the history of steemit!

Hey much did you sell it for? comeon you know everyone here wants to know. Educate us on what he offered, or did you give an asking price?

Up-Voted for rolling steem account to bring in greater value to all on Steemit.

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