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RE: Steemjet World Cup – Day 8 – Do the Steemjet (Victory Dance)

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Hello sir @dimimp ... it's quite difficult to get your attention these days. I hope you are well. I really wish to work for you and hope you will recruit to work in any of the space force. Here's a steemjet cafe design I made. The idea was about creating a cafe for space force members and others boarding the STEEMJET where they can have fun, relax and also eat.


Also here is my entry for the new logo contest, please tell me what you think




Whaooo, this is really cool, I love the idea of the cafe, I wish to be at the cafe. Good Job.

Thank you😘😘

You are welcome.

Nice designs dear... Your logo looks good on the t-shirts

Thanks for the support dear, I really appreciate it.

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