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RE: Will Steem developers fix/upgrade the Steem Dollar? (Multicollateral Steem)

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Many are calling for SBD to be scrapped but I think it will have its place now with SMTs it would make for a relatable pairing if fixed for the internal trading market! It also helps make ecommerce for goods and services easier for consumers and businesses

I think SBD is a viable part of the ecosystem and if we can have more use cases it can showcase why we need it


If SBD is scrapped so is Steem. Without a stable token there is no reason to hold your wealth in Steem when the value could drop by 40% or even 100%.

Once upon a time there was an incentive to hold your wealth in STEEM POWER and earn interest and rewards for curation. HF17-20 killed that scheme.

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So fix it. We have Steem Proposal System but can't use it for something like this?

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