Paying attention of two great personality Ted Cruz and Ewarren towards steem blockchain

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Hello my #steem friends!
This post is based on paying attention of two great personality towards steem blockchain and spreading awareness about @steemnetwork


Every steem related blogger trying to bring value in steem by making on article, by spreading awareness on social media and making a hustle on Twitter along with encouraging steem related post.
Many big whale like nathanmars theycallmedan also making continuous effort to bring steem to moon. And now one of the great personality @oracle-d.tasks also making task post to bring value in steem blockchain and attracting people from out of this blockchain towards steem blockchain.
Every possible way they are attracting people towards this blockchain and this post is also one of the steem promoting task.
Recently @oracle-d.tasks making effort to rolling eyes of two great personality
Ted Cruz
And ewarren
towards steem blockchain to bring value in steem.
that is why he is putting a task post and decided to reward that post who attract these two personality mentioning to

We have to retweet and reply @steemnetwork tagging these two personality and we have to put up proof twitte screen shot on @oracle-d.tasks 's original task post here-

Atleast we have to use #STEEM #CensorshipResistant #FreedomOfSpeech
Tag to get response.

This post is inspired by @oracle-d.task 's post
And here is my proof--


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