Would my investment in STEEM be a waste if it went to 0?

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Hey Everyone, today I'm going to be writing about what value I have got out of STEEM, and if STEEM somehow goes to 0, would I have lost value.

Short Answer

I don't think so.

Long Answer

Obviously, I'd lose monetary value, so on that front I'd be down by a bit, but now lets consider what I have gained (other than money) from my time on STEEM so far:

  • Connections - I've met many amazing people that otherwise I would have never, this is very valuable. I've found people in my field, inspirational people and great friends here. This is invaluable in my opinion.
  • Experience - I've launched many failing apps here. As well as them, I also launched a successful app by working out what the market demanded, due to filling this, I've learned how to rapidly build a working app that users can use with relative ease. It's garnered over 300 users so far! Can you believe it?
  • People... - While I've already mentioned "Connections", here, the community is so down to earth and I've spoken to many "Big" developers on chain. I can't think of many other places you can 1:1 DM with owners of successful enterprises.
  • Discords - To continue on with the whole connections thing, along with @mermaidvampire I run a discord server. This means that even if all these people left the chain, I've still got a good way to contact them 🤞🤞
  • Friends... - @mermaidvampire and tons of other people are really awesome and I believe I will take some lifelong friends from this.

Do note, I'm not leaving the chain, this is just from the perspective where the chain "dies".

So, mostly people and experience, which I think can make up for the monetary loss I could suffer (worst case scenario which I never think will happen).

All the best,
~ @cadawg on the chain where it's a ghost-town so you have no choice but to UpDoot me!

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Great insights!
~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thank you!

I don't believe the chain is going to stop running, there is a big team of invested developers and witnesses who are keeping everything going and have seen enough in the brief glimpses of newsteem to make the changes to trending that needed to be made.

If it does go to 0, I'd have lost a bit of money but so what, the people I've met have been really inspiring and like you say, can always keep in contact on Discord 🙂

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Yep! Nor do I. Especially the ones who own STEEM Engine / STEEM Monsters.

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Absolutely not. I always look at the bright side and I agree with you 100% with your assessment. It's like taking out the words from my mouth😂

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