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Over the last couple of days I have been in mental anguish about what to do with the liquid STEEM I converted. If the market would have dropped real fast I would have just bought back that STEEM at a lower price and then used the rest of the funds to allocate elsewhere. It pulled back a little but the overall market has been going sideways.

I'm going to be traveling to where I'm not going to be able to access most of my crypto for the next month. That being said I had to decide if I had to hold that crypto in a stable coin, STEEM, or EOS what would I feel would be the best situation for me. I felt EOS was the right decision for myself.

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For me power the thing up LOL. :P @brianphobos
Anyway, best wishes to your travel, I know that you are enjoying your cryptos for sure.

I have taken so many chances with STEEM against my better judgement and it has always somewhat burned me. I haven't really ever made much of anything off STEEM despite being on since mid 2016.

Steem for me is just a hobby much like other social media sites used to share my photography. The SEO aspects of Steemit is something to keep in mind as well when linking to other sites. I think EOS is not a bad choice although I am more partial to Litecoin. In the end its all about what helps you sleep better at night. Glad to see you living life and traveling, that is the most valuable thing of all.

I'm pretty heavy on Litecoin as well. I'm deeper on EOS though and started buying in Mid 2017 and haven't ever sold any.

I could have went way deeper on crypto if I wasn't doing some traveling and some other stuff but I just felt that I needed to live as well otherwise the crypto winter would be rough on me like it was in 2015.

Put it in tether, it was the best investment in 2018 😂😂😂

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