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Hello Steemians,

If you've just joined Steemit then you might be wondering about what is Steem and Steemit? Are they different or same? What is Steem Power and Steem Dollar? And how all these things works together?


Well trust me, we all felt the same while joining on this social media block. Along with this, you might also feeling very short in posting, commenting or voting due to your low SP (Steem Power) level. If you've just joined Steemit then you might have around 15 SP which is delegated to you by this platform to let you start crowing on it. If you want to increase your SP level by 50 points than it might take few days or weeks. Oops!

So here is a great news for you. How about to learn all these things I mentioned above in just 1 hour of FREE VIDEO COURSE and you will get a certificate along with 50 SP delegated to you upto 28 days for free? This quick mini jackpot will increase your voting power and you can make more posts and comments with this. The more activity means more rewards!

I've attached my certificate below for your reference!


Follow the below steps to get it done.

a) Login on Udemy

b) Find this free video course called Understanding the Steem Blockchain Economy which is instructed by Paula Guilfoyle in simple English with full lifetime access. So you can watch it again and again until you fully understand it. You can also connect with Paula on her Steemit blog @paulag

In this course, along with some basic introduction you will learn more in depth on these following 7 topics.

  1. Steem Wallet Overview
  2. Steem
  3. Steem Power (SP)
  4. Steem Dollars (SBD)
  5. The Internal Exchange
  6. Voting Mana
  7. Resource Credits

c) Once you complete this course, you'll get a certificate from Udemy signed by Paula. Like you've seen above.

d) Attach that certificate in the comments of her recent post and let her know.

e) Once it's done, within a day or two you'll will get 50 SP delegated in your Steemit account to use it upto 28 days.

f) Please use that SP wisely and in a good faith.

g) Act now. This week's entries will close on 11th June 2019. If you lose this chance then don't worry. Keep looking here @paulag. You may never know when you get that chance again!

This free delegation is open for all. So all Steemians can take the benefit of this. I just highlighted this more for newbies as they might need this the most. If you're having a good following than please resteem this post. So many Steemians can get the benefit of this.


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Very well done.
Thank you for sharing this. Its time I have seen this in this formate. I hope to see more.
You will not go wrong with @paulag

Thank you! Yes, she is very helpful.
Hope you doing well now.

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I am in a good place

Happy to hear that!

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That is an excellent recap! Thank you for posting this excellent information to help other Steemians! 🙌

I should thank you for your support on this! 😊

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Hi @bloggerkrunal

As a follower of @haccolong this post has been upvoted by @hoaithu's Curation Trail.
This is free upvote first when you follow @haccolong


Thank you for your generosity! :)

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I saw the course info here first thank you @BloggerKrunal. ☺️ @paulag did a wonderful job of explaining how these things work.

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Finally someone took it till the end. You made my day! :) @dkkarolien

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Glad to make someone's day. 😉 My pleasure and thanks for alerting us to it in the first place.

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Yeppeee thanks so much for this wonderful shout out, I have resteemed :-)

Pleasure is all mine! Thank you for resteeming. :)

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Thanks for helping our fellow Steemians

Glad to be helped and happy to help!

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Cool. I'm definitely interested in checking this out! Thanks for sharing.

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You're welcome. Happy to help!

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This is a great course to follow and @paulag has a reddish community too you should visit the blog.

Thanks Britt been following her. I need to sit down with my list of things I need to figure out. It's just been too crazy 🤪

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Hi friend thank you for your entry, only this is about one course off an hour , where you learned things from Paula so I count that as 1 thing learned.
It’s in the rules, but you know that it’s not the first time you entered my contest !

Hi, I learned on 7 topics in that course. So I counted it for 7 things. Lol.
Never mind! Thanks for checking out.

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One course of one hour isn’t enough but glad you did learn things

Thanks Britt for always being supportive!

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You know I love your journey here so iffcourse and I also upvoted for the great achievement and the fact you blogged about it. Put it in promotion in the discord others might learn from the course too. Have a great weekend

Thank you so much for your appreciation. I'm honoured. Yes I promoted it on discord. Have a lovely weekend ahead. 👍

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Great idea & again congrats on the acchivment sweety :D
hm i do nooot do resteems..... il upv your post BUT i hit over to @paulag and see what damidge i can do there ;)
fab post hun :D

Thanks for the appreciation. Glad you liked it! :)

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Thanks for reaching out @bloggerkrunal, great post.

Thanks for sharing and helping out!

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That's really cool! I'm tempted to take the course even though I've been here for years and probably understand it all already. Though hopefully it helps some newcomers out and the delegation is nice for newcomers as well!
What a neat, thoughtful and helpful initiative by paulag. Great entry and thanks for sharing!