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Apparently we need written permission from the new STINC in order to promote eachother or third party platforms. Last I checked, steemit was like the hub for coming across great projects that would introduce third party websites, whether direct competition with steemit or not. I mean, vimm is a third party platform. So is facebook. Hey guys, come check out my facebook post.

This new ToS addition is the funniest, yet the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. Steemit: North Korea Edition, now with NKT's (North Korean Tokens) designed to make you smaht.

Technically, I would be grounds for censorship if I were to make a stream post because I typically link to my twitch and dlive.

When it comes to toxic companies, there is only one that comes to mind that doesn't hide behind carefully worded posts. That's twitch. Them MF's dont give a damn about anyone, and they aren't afraid to let you know. The thing is, even they allow third party platforms to be promoted. You can't be partnered while doing this, and you can't "multi-stream" or you'll lose your partnership, but you certainly wouldn't be censored for it nor do you need written permission.

As a business owner, I laugh at all the ridiculous ideas that some of these crypto-related business owners come up with and wonder how they think these ideas are good but hey, when you don't understand how something works, you're surely gonna mess it up unless you learn.

But hey, if you like unrealistic censorship, keep up the great work.

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