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HF20 Update: Operations Stable

in steem •  4 months ago

Updating the witness nodes were a pain the past couple weeks but that's the price of innovation. Hats off to the team and everyone involved in the upgrade.

We still have a lot of work to do.

Some priorities in my opinion that should be on the list besides SMTs:

  • Easier UI experience, apps/services
  • Communities
  • Official Steemit Mobile app
  • Steemit notifications
  • Remove or Revise "Promoted" feature
  • DEX
  • Confidential transactions?
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+1 for an official app ! I don't understand why it is not done yet. Of course there are some unofficial ones but I should not have to trust a shady app to use steemit on my phone.


I can understand the trust factor. But we do want a decentralized blockchain so we need to eventually trust credible third-party developers and their apps. which many are already starting to do.

Just need to continue to build.