I'm Really Excited After Having a Long Conversation with @christheglove, @heaterville, and @mrviquez

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Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be blessed by the presence of Legend and Pioneer DJ Chris "The Glove" Taylor in the Heaterville channels within the now rebuilding @smartmediagroup Discord server https://discord.gg/MM5vHss.

Yes... He's on the Steem platform. REALLY!

Why is it a Big Deal?

Well, most of us know here on Steem that this is a social media platform that is built on blockchain technology. It is paving the way for new, innovative ways to monetize content. Getting content out there is what music artists, entertainers, and celebrities all know which is why they create content on other social media platforms, make movies, etc.

Now if you don't know Chris and some of the achievements, he is most recognized from the 1984 movie: "Breakin'".

He gave a nice little rundown about the movie on his blog about Club Radio aka Radiotron in the early 80s and was the reason why Breakin' made a movie about the club.


Now that most of you are a little up to speed on Chris, the big deal is we see a shift in the music industry with more and more artists going independent and are fed up with the record labels.

A few music artists and entertainers here on Steem see the potential of a platform like this and get into crypto-currency at the same time. @heaterville mentioned to me how music is stolen all over the internet and how people may pass it off as their own, make money off of it, and the original producer/singer/writer may end up having no idea about that and not collect any royalties and such. It is a growing problem with how the internet is nowadays but Heaterville also mentioned how releasing music on the blockchain, is like "copyrighting" it.

I agree.

Now Chris is in the rap/hip-hop industry and not everyone is into that genre of music. The rap/hip-hop community is slowly growing on Steem but that genre of music is a big deal and has the potential to add more value and growth to the platform. How?


The Millenials and the younger generation are familiar with this genre of music. It is used in marketing all the time on products, services. ads, etc.



The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders examined 12 professional rappers under an fMRI machine. The rappers were asked to recite memorised lyrics, as well as their own freestyle rhymes while they listened to an 8-bar track.

The brain scans displayed interesting results: During the “flow” phase, the rappers’ brain activity displayed unique patterns in areas relating to motivation, language, emotion, motor function, and sensory processing. According to the scientists’ interpretation, this suggests that the rappers actually enter something akin to an “alternate state of mind” while freestyling. The findings are similar to other studies on the improvisation of jazz musicians — and suggest that the act of making music taps into complex creative reserves in truly astounding ways.

Hip-hop as a genre has not historically had a close relationship with therapy but this may be changing. As both the medical community and the hip-hop world begin to embrace these promising findings, it’s possible that established barriers can be broken down even further.


When it comes to millenials, the rap/hip-hop genre is associated with having a good time. Most nightclubs will play this genre of music.

Quotes from songs or slangs are used constantly amongst millenials and younger genereations.

Chris is Excited and Loves Steem Already!

He even got himself a Steem t-shirt made to show how much he is loving Steem!!!


During our conversation on voice over Discord, Chris is a very humble down to earth guy and was discussing about some people who he thinks might great to onboard to the Steem platform. He was sharing some of his ideas with the content he wants to do and asking questions and learning about the platform.

Don't want to give too much away, but some big plans are in the works.

Oh, I almost forgot...




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Breakin' was that movie you had to see back in the day if you were a Hip Hop head!


Most definitely! That was the first generation of hip-hop.

I mean I had to smash that upvote button. We’re finally gonna get Detox.


Man, you never know. But smash that upvote button on @christheglove!

I knew dear friend @bitcoinparadise that much better things would come. With a positive mind and good wishes, you will welcome success. This world of steemit the truth that changes the life of anyone, so here we are learning, and much better when you see the opportunity to meet them in Smart Media Group.
Certainly @ is very humble and nice, with tell you answer the comments, as easily as if I knew you all your life, that surprised me and made me be your new fan and follower. I love this new friendship among you.
Welcome to the success of speemit @bitcoinparadise, @christheglove, @heaterville , @mrviquez
Good energy.
Buena vibra para todos y lluvia de bendiciones.


Yeah im glad your finally making posts about him.

We should not forget about @thejohalfiles and I buying those big upvotes and sending @christheglove some bog upvotes.. we need this post to be promoted you shouod buy some bigger upvotes so the whple platform knows who @christheglove is

I wanna do A&E style videos and interviews about him and take steem ti next levek

this is cray af...


It's just getting started...


We all have to realize steem is worth closer to $1000 than $1 ....

If were not careful this whole place will jist get bought by facebook... and they can hire people to just keep buying steem untill facebook has more than ned... imagine if we all went door to door with interns :)

What a legend! Respect and welcome to steemit @christheglove




aloha @bitcoinparadise awesome article as well. Proud to be part of SMG


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Seems spammy when bots ask for donations heh

That's a great music to provide in this platform..
Thanks for sharing the details..