Hello. Read this post on how to request the app through Test Flight.


Sad indeed, I have given up.

I unfortunately uninstalled the app at the wrong time, I have since moved on to @partiko - only wish they could add more tag option. I think that was the good thing about steepshot you able to add up to 20 tags.

Partiko is also an abandoned project that needs to be bought or forked, luckily aggroed may do it perhaps.. MAYBE no promises, but steem engine needs a mobile app to integrate with!

Wait. What? @partiko is abandoned? Really. That's concerning. Was not aware of this news.

im researching it right now, seems someone is still upvoting form @partiko but they could just have posting key working oblivious to the developer having left or having disappeared, i only say this because thats what multiple people in the discord said and i realized it was weird the wallet in partiko has been in 'coming Soon" mode for months

but it does have activity

ok, hope everyone ok, an if it is - may be a great project for someone to continue/take over. although I still think they are around, just swamped and trying to keep up. fingers crossed, either way it is working, so guess all good :-)

Yes same here

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