You know what Steem needs to survive?? NEW WITNESSES!!!

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Look at this pathetic witness list!!!!

Do you all realize how much SP they are sucking out of Steem, and for what?!?!

Can you name something SIGNIFICANT any of these people have done for the Steem ecosystem in the last 6 months?

Reply to the appropriate comment below.

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Hey Bernie,

I might not be happy with the full top 20 list... But who (in your view / opinion) does do a good job around here (as a witness)?

If you don't know this answer yourself, take time and find out. In the meantime, find someone you trust that does and proxy your witness vote to them until you do.

It impossible to get an unbiased response to that question but as @nonameslefttouse says, it's a good question.

This is a cool question.

Nobody. We need to create new witnesses from scratch

From scratch? That'll take a man, a woman, maybe a candlelight dinner, some wine... and a lot of time.


Of course, the point is, the witness thinks he's a lord. He is chosen to represent the voters. But they don't know or want to use it, believing that they are the most important group that has been called to rule.

This has to change.

Steem needs marketing to survive. A changing of the guard might be cathartic, but is entirely unmarketable.

interesting and yup

Marketing about buy steem or join steem? Steem needs free and fast registration at first. Many people can't join steem.

First for one and then the other.

What has @aggroed done to support Steem in the past 6 months?

Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands, Steem-engine, Scot, Steem Keychain

Created the only reason people come to Steem these days.

...but I thought everyone came here to see me?

I used to think that tew. =/

... my poor heart. It has shattered into a thousand pieces of devastation. Each piece devastated further by the blast. As good as this day was, I fear it is my last. Not even a cast can fix what has already passed. I once amassed a fortune, unsurpassed. Gone are my days of flabbergast.

I like that Katy Perry song as well.

She's hard to work with.


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Nothing specifically that wasn't done directly by @yabapmatt. Aggroed is very good at positioning himself in front of the cameras and the spotlight to act as the face of Steem or the various projects that are all lead and developed by other people.

@yabapmatt has done the lion's share of the work in their "partnership"

Aggroed rarely participates in steemit slack unless he is dropping a post to his radio show.


Need some !popcorn to go with it. (is this still a thing?)

Update: It is. 🍿

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He actively manages MSP-Waves

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He's absolutely the funding and inspiring force, but the OPS team of @r0nd0n and @globocop are incredible steemians giving up huge amounts of their time monitoring the station 24/7, doing the hard and software work, onboarding djs, solving problems, and creating all of the access points to the Waves. Just wanted to put that here because they are INCREDIBLE and need all the love because they're the types who are stoic and behind the scenes and not enough people know about them 🖤

No doubt about it, @crimsonclad!

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Thanks @crimsonclad.
The IT brain is @r0nd0n...
Amazing talent. Couldn't do w/o.

As someone who just started a show on MSP Waves recently, @r0nd0n has been awesome.

Probably doesn't know who the hell I am.

That is NOT cool!

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Whoa dude! I think you need to cool down!
Disclaimer: This response was intended to be humorous.

Lol! Oh man.. I think I need to add a disclaimer to my comments too.. or chats.. DMs.. everyday conversations. Seems like it would be a real time saver 😜

I was thinking about maybe changing my name to, ImJoking. Unfortunately, with my luck, that name is probably already taken, because, well, no names left to use. That's just how it is.

True.. that is why I am Justine eh after all... or Justine meh... just depends on my mood. 🙂

Hopefully this place doesn't turn you into Justblah.

What has @themarkymark done to support Steem in the past 6 months?

Bid bot. Blacklist. Downvotes and flags abusers.

Activate participant in steemit slack.

He also runs a full node.

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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

Great. When your grandma is ready with a node, do send me the URL.


Grandmas for the win!

He brought us !pancakes makes some great memes. Oh and he's great at triggering people!

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Beat what?

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Don't you think you are going a smidge too far?

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

He does a pretty good job maintaining the blacklist.

He actually posts stuff. Some of it can even be understood by me. He has a nice swimming pool and he has a blacklist which he uses to stop people using his bots and taking the piss out of the reward pool. Thats a pretty cool thing to do :-)

Granted, I don't follow Steemit much anymore - almost not at all - so grain of salt, but I think Mark does a good job reporting and exposing different forms of abuse and spam.

I like this guy. We got off to a shaky start and wanted to kill one another at one point, but we're cool now.

Easy Brad II... easy

Don't worry, it's cool. I got this.

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Today, you spent your day trolling. Let that sink in.

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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

Leave me out of it. Deal?

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Thank you.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

Solid Bro. Created a batch payout tool for Steem (that we used). Very helpful. Fighting for good of the platform. Always has eye on the scammers and has the balls to point them out (like you!). Great chats, talked voice a few times. Knows his shit.


We were told that you are the same person. :D

You should know then. :D

He's great one, also the fresh blood! making bots, blacklists, RPC nodes and usesteem statistic stuff.

What @netuoso said.

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Active spam downvoter. That matters.

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Put me in the top-20 and I’ll run a couple full nodes and continue building the BROsino and its multiplayer poker companion site about to launch within the next day or the rest of the BRO Sports & Gaming NetworkTM apps/sites currently in development.

It would be great to get some of that support that currently goes to scams and scammers like Magic Dice/Dmania/zombee or all of these “curation projects” that do practically nothing for Steem other than placate a few bloggers in our little bubble here.

We just continue building for the mainstream and aren’t ponzi-scamming people or promising a bunch of worthless shittokens for playing our ponzi-scam games. I guess that’s not good enough for Steem users. And everyone wonders why legit users/devs rarely stick around and why investors are pretty much nowhere to be found.

As much as some of you folks like to think this @ats-david character is a loudmouth asshole... he's actually pretty cool.

Thanks David's sockpuppet! :smirkemojiforpropereffect:

Ha! FEK oof. Not cool! Hand that boy a paintbrush and tell him to paint you like one of his French girls. He won't be able to!

I'll have you know that I'm an excellent painter! Check out this masterpiece:



For anyone viewing this thread, that is not actually mine. I stole it from the other guy above.

Calm down. It was a joke. We are still allowed to have fun here, right?

He stole it from me, this is true. Now watch the fun ensue. Take notes. See the rhyme? That was gangsta. It's happy time.

Did you at least upvote MY post. You know... the post I published today. That one. That one with my fucking art you just... puh puh puh plagiarized! Thanks for the plug though. Hey everyone! I painted that! All by myself! Cool, right? Maybe that should be trending instead of this fucking malarkey? Hmmm? Make it so!

P.S. YOU motherfucker!

Bro...I totally upvoted your post, like, a loooong time ago! You can check yourself on this nifty little blockchain that stores everything you do...FOREVER!

Six fucking cents!

What happened to you man! Crack? Is it crack? You're on crack right? Damn dude... tell me it's not crack!

Six fucking cents.... This guy.


You make me want to smash your head right now!

But I'm okay. Just breathe and take it up the ass.

Haha! Tricked you! I'm not cool at all!

This guy...

yup but make sure if you do some type of fest that you choose to include a site to tour like Auschwitz in the official Steem backed party cause that's real effn great..... would personally like to see you in top 20 but I hear that involves having to do Illuminaughty stuff to some giant pumpkin :P

I actually have a few witness votes left, are you on the list?

I actually
Have a few witness votes left,
Are you on the list?

                 - lucyho

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes. I am @ats-witness. Thank you for considering me!


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This is the most productive post you’ve made in a while, also a good way for you to have 20+ comments to upvote in 5 days lol

What has @curie done to support Steem in the past 6 months?

the usual curie things:
discovering new and non-discovered authors,
rewarding under-rewarded ones,
donating steem for community development (supporting various smaller projects and contests)

Never manages their own witness so, IMO, should not have a witness server. The witness servers shouldn't be intended for funding companies. They should be intended for securing the chain production.

Not sure who is currently running the witness.

Not sure what to say, Curie is kind of organization and not one man - I've been part of curie for over 1.5 years, and few months ago I started operating their/our server.
I have been running my own witness for 7 months now, without any glitches, nor missed blocks - and I have fairly knowledge in computational data science (not that much into developing) but can pretty much grasp the codes.

Also it is worth noting that curie's goal is to redistribute all witness earnings back to active steem authors/users, through various donations/contests and curation.

Some people think a witness should fund a business or project and others think it should fund chain security and stop there.

I don't think witness funds need to be given back to people. They are earned by the user securing the chain.

No offense intended with the comment. Curie is a decent service from what I hear, as a non author.

Never manages their own witness so, IMO, should not have a witness server.

lol that is not true. Curie witness operators have always been within Curie. I don't know what makes you think "should not have a witness server", but Curie has been more than capable of running a witness. @svemirac has been doing an amazing job as a witness operator. Moreover, Curie is a community witness.

May I ask why commented under everybody, except for ocd-witness? I think both Curie and Ocd have done and still doing amazing service for the Steem community.

I like your SteemDevs channel. I was going to run an idea by you, moving SteemDev beyond discord. Creating an educational platform for those who want to learn coding on Steem. Something like this -

I was on mobile and the page load is very bad so I eventually quit. Didn't ignore anyone intentionally. Will go comment on the others I missed.

I am not saying anything negative regarding the user operating the witness server, in fact they are the ones that should be getting the gross pay, in my opinion.

If curie and svemirac switched positions it would make more sense to me, as a developer/programmer.

As far as the project idea we have the looking-for-dev and project-promotion channels on the discord and always have people open to helping out.

This group hooked me up in the early days and I fucking love seeing noobs get paid more than me, because of them. They're a keeper. Cool in my books.

Dissentuous ditto.
My experience has been exactly opposite of that.

They told me corporatespeek or gtfo.
Then accepted delegations that diminished my slice of the pie.

It was a fine howdoyoudo.

BUT! Look at the difference between our work. I took the artist/entertainer route, which is what I wanted to do here, from day one, without knowing who or what would be interested; and you're more political/opinion. They weren't looking for opinions. They were looking for talent in a different field. Kudos to you though, for sticking to your guns instead of chasing that money, looking for the "easy" votes(it wasn't easy).

It triggered my favoritism button,...still not over it.
Still having their subsidy taken from my slice.

Also having Comment Contest which increases user engagement among Steemians

They've supported Lucksacks with Advertisements and Freerolls for the Steem Community via @geekgirl for some time now.

Curates. Legit curation is hard to come by here these days.

What has @someguy123 done to support Steem in the past 6 months?

A large portion of my time lately is spent working with Steem Engine, actively developing the behemoth of a project that is Cryptotoken Converter - a fully open source cryptocurrency gateway, faciliating deposits/withdrawals and conversions between a multitude of coins.

I did make a post about this just 2 months ago, covering a lot of the work I've been doing behind the scenes

Thanks to the work of myself, @yabapmatt, @harpagon, @aggroed and several others, it's now possible to send foreign cryptos such as Bitcoin and Litecoin to anyone on the STEEM network - transaction fee free and in seconds, as well as exchange them on the SteemEngine DEX with zero trading fees.

I've also been experimenting with MIRA, and I've made updates to my Steem-in-a-box project to support it, allowing a wider audience to test it out and help discover any potential issues with the new updates. (announced it first in #witness - post coming soon).

There's also general maintenance of existing projects such as (something which even you use, as anyone can find out by looking at the public incoming STEEM transfers), and

A lot of Steem contributions take place at my company @privex :

  • We operate an RPC load balancer and wss:// which is used by many services for handling their Steem transactions reliably
  • We run one of the few remaining RPC full nodes, (currently replaying MIRA) which costs us upwards of $700+/mo just for the hardware.
  • We run two seeds for the network, one in Finland ( and one in Sweden. (our Finnish seed also serves as a lightweight public RPC node)
  • We mirror the Steem blockchain across 3 countries (Germany, Finland and Sweden) on our multi-homed fileserver via both HTTP and Rsync, which is used as the default block download source for Steem-in-a-box
  • We're help boost the Steem economy by being one of the few businesses that accepts STEEM/SBD directly, not via a third party processor. We even pay our staff primarily in STEEM/SBD.

I'm well aware of the fact that I don't post updates to Steemit as much as some other witnesses do, but that doesn't negate the amount of work I do for the community and network.

He's done some work on Steem-Engine, he runs Anon-steem, and Privex. Also Steem-in-a-Box (docker).

Correct. He is the reason Steem Engine has pegged tokens.

I hear good things.

Provides a stupid simple steem-in-a-box setup so users like Jerry Banfield can run witness servers easily.

Runs Privex and offers great deals so a huge percentage of witnesses are using the same hosting company.

Doesn't participate much in steemit slack.

It's just some guy. I don't know. No comment.

no clue, who the hell is this guy?

What has @yabapmatt done to support Steem in the past 6 months?

@yabapmatt is responsible for some of the cooler projects on Steem:

  • Steem Monsters
  • Steem Engine
  • Steem Keychain
  • Steem Bot Tracker
  • Post Promoter
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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

This guy once accidently upvoted my Shit Post of the Day Award for way too much money, and I think spoke to me once, so that makes him cool.

All of the actual work for the projects related to him and aggroed. The ones listed below.

@yabapmatt sometimes participates in steemit slack discussions.

  • splinterlands,
  • steem-engine

If all witnesses would develop such cool things, we would be off way better ;)


He made Steem Monsters which has onboarded tons of new users to the platform, he help make Steem Engine which anyone can tokenize anything via the Steem Blockchain, he created the bid bot system. Not to mention employs parttime a few members here including myself. He’s what an ideal witness is all about

He also delegates his SP to different steemit comunities, for example @homesteaderscoop

Vote against the EIP (as only one of the top 20).

Also sponsors @steemcommunity's Minnow Power up League.

What has @lukestokes done to support Steem in the past 6 months?

He's full time eos.