Remember back to 2015-2016 when it was cool to announce announcements hoping for a pump?

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I do.

Crypto has matured since then, @ned.

Announce Destiny with details or shut the fuck up already. Your scammy bullshit plan trying to encourage a rise in price obviously isn't working.

Step up your game.

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I remember when Mike Hearn bailed out on bitcoin and it cause the price to tank for a bit ...nowadays the game plan for bitcoin is:

When he will have bought what he wants, then, he will let it grow...

what is destiny?

It is a stripper I use to know in Houston Tx.

Very good question.

Dear Bernie, Steem is going down and now it is in position 41 on coinmarketcap, even we won Netcoin list and after super HF20, so what next shit?

Next shit Facebook forever!
I don't know why steem is better than facebook. Everyone says so...

Steem is not a competitor of Facebook. Anyone who thinks that is either dumb or lying.

My comment is related on what Bernie wrote about actual situation of Steem coins and facebook do not have any related coin...


if steem is cheeper just buy some more, and then when it will be 100 you may be happy with your decision,
Or you can wait until is back to 1 usd or back to 8 and then buy, and after feel like Crap when it drops back to 0.9 USD :D your decision , when it drops you need to buy and otherwise just shut the fuck up or move to USD or euro

I think the problem is that STEEM has an infinite supply.
There's always more. So, at some point supply > demand.

I think there's only a total of 300,524,315 STEEM. Got this from coinmarketcap

shut up @berniesanders, you know nothing !!!

@berniesanders can we stop making @ned the face of S̶t̶e̶e̶m̶i̶t̶ Steem? Why should anything he say be an important factor in the price of Steem? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a decentralized cryptocurrency?

Because he IS the face of Steemit, But Steemit is not the face of Steem.

Except they are, except they aren't, amiright, Mr T?

I think this is what we call optics issues. Or was it marketing issues, or leadership issues, crap, I kinda forget now, but while I may not have the stake of you or NGC or others, I can tell you I've bleed and risked and invested pretty much all of my waking minutes for 19 months and a good bit of my available money to risk and for that input, and effort to keep the place useful (things ive helped build or built alone), helpful (charity on the chain), relevant (endless outside 1-to-1 promotion) and users from leaving daily (community and 1-to-1 teaching, training, personal coaching, convincing users etc) it's cost me as much or more mentally, physically and emotionally for being here as it has anyone.

So yep, I'm a bit bitter and hurt right now by the BS we see from the not-the-leader leader, and let's not even get into synapticad/syncad/pumpkin/freedom "centralization", eh?


Right. I misspoke. I meant the face of Steem.

Suspenders might do the trick this time.

Suspenders on the CEO = $8 Steem.
Steem logo shaved into CEO = moon.

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the price of steem now makes many people desperate. I looked at all my friends they all looked frustrated and almost all of them stopped operating their accounts.

Current price makes minnows accounts just generate dust. It takes 110 SP to make 1 cent.

Nice data

Starting to see a pattern here. “Big idea” > Hype it like crazy > make money from gullible users/investors > leave it/let it stagnate






@kafkanarchy84. Ya think?

Head down this rabbit hole, and see what you smell...

  1. Szymon Lapinski Aka Gandalf works for
  2. Daniel Notestein aka blocktrades is the founder of
  3. Daniel Notestein and Stan Larimer Could be friends
  4. most of the initial bitshares code is also written by syncad guys
  5. Other folks

Here's just ONE nugget you'll likely find in that quest...

So if I get it right these guys are the steem and steemit owners.

I'll say this - this is reporting with sources, conclusions are up the reader ;) But it sure does tell a very compelling story, eh?


And that sort of thing is why my team is called the No Bull witness ;) (@noblewitness)

Frankly, there's a lot more, and I've been sitting on a ton of links and info for while that mostly connect more of the above, but it all came from doing a little homework from those starting points and paying attention around here for quite a while. Nothing is entirely "conclusive" but it sure isn't inconclusive either.

Now think about phrases and cliches around here "bitshares gang" and "preminers" and so on...

Sorry to be depressing, maybe? But some of us are feeling woke and working our way up the witness ladder. We're pretty sure that it's gated at about 30ish though. And controlled from there, clearly by pumpkin/freedom, but that is not the only way they can gate it. Secret slacks...

Well, let's talk about decentralization.
It's a sad situation.
Thanks, again.

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I remember people posting other people's content from other platforms here and making a ton off of it through upvotes. I have enjoyed steemit more since the drop lolol

or shut the fuck up already.

hahaha i was drinking beer, after reading this my screen took a taste of it too :P

i agree though, that's the "harsh reality" he should understand (he already know the truth deep inside him, i believe)

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I am eating a cheese sandwich.

No dude. I announced Destiny because it’s the right thing to do. is in Maintenance Mode, and that’s part of explaining Destiny. All I’m doing is letting people know I’m still working.

If steemit is in maintenance mode, does that mean it will never get out of “beta”?

I'd like everyone to know I'm still working as well. @ned, should I still be working? I run my blog here much like a business. Think of a massive shopping mall. I am one of the shops inside. This Maintenance Mode you speak of:
Screenshot (514).png
That makes me feel like the mall is closing. When a mall closes, shop owners know well in advance, they're given plenty of time to pack up and make adjustments so their personal business can still thrive without the mall. Should I still produce content and keep my shelves full or should I be making preparations to vamoose before the wrecking ball arrives through the window?

I'm uncomfortable placing my destiny in your hands and simply going with the flow when I don't know where this river leads. Of course that's nothing personal, it's business, and business is something I take seriously.

Will my shop transition seamlessly into this new mall known as Destiny? Will I have to start at the bottom all over again? Will over two years worth of my content still be on display in the new shop windows? Should this project Destiny be considered an overhaul; the mall is simply undergoing renovations (please carry on business as usual, sorry about the dust and paint fumes)?

About ten years ago, I lived in a nice corner suite of an apartment building. The complex went under new ownership. Some disgruntled tenants started a rumor. They said the plan was to first raise the rent, then evict everyone, then the building was to be converted into condos. These rumors were posted on every bulletin board in the halls, near the mailboxes, the sauna and gym, the laundry rooms. Within a matter of two months, I had the entire top floor all to myself; everyone believed the rumors and moved out, others moved out because they saw everyone else moving out. A panic set in, finding a new apartment wasn't easy then, so people didn't want to wait around to get evicted then be forced to find a place on short notice.

All that did was make life miserable for the new owners. They weren't handed the keys to go along with a steady stream of income, they had to find new tenants. I knew all along it was a rumor because I went straight to the new owners and asked questions. I ended up having to pay lower rent for a few months because they had to offer deals that would fill the place up faster. So, lesson learned; I don't listen to rumors, I go straight to the source.

Simply stating the fact there will be progress and giving it a warm, fuzzy name, isn't enough for me and I'll assume others have questions as well. I look forward to finding out more information, straight facts, no hype; I hope to hear it all before the rumors start because it gets lonely on the top floor, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks I hear you. The only info I have for you is the Behind the Scenes Project post ( at this time.

Dear @ned,

I missed your previous post as I don’t follow these things. But whatever you do, can you please make sure that you bring back the view count?

We all know that people aren’t reading or watching, there’s no point hiding it. You only need to see a curie upvote of x-hundred votes and see the YouTube vid barely got 10 views, and we know dtube rarely loads. I’ve always found this depressing when I make a point to check.

To add, I’ve checked to see that is heavily down on the Alexa ranking and I start to wonder if we’re just investing our time and energy in a facade. It would be helpful for those of us who really want to track real engagement. I used to use a publishing site that gave us these stats, and I was frustrated to discover that people read but many were just too lazy or did not want to comment. I realise now after my Steemit experience, how much I took this for granted.

I know it may not be good business sense, that hiding views to hide the fact we have bad upvoting practices would be preferred. But for some of us, it’s not just about the money, and more about the overall reach beyond the Steemit audience. I’d like to identify who is really being read on the blockchain, and not just all the window shopping. I think we need to be honest and transparent in order to generate more confidence in this blockchain.

I apologise that I’m terribly negative and this might seem irrelevant to you with respect to the current discussion, but the removal of this feature continues to bother me.

Finally, with the focus on dapps, I hope you’ve noticed @actifit and that @mcfarhat’s good work is on your radar. Unlike playing cards and RPGs, exercise is universal, all of us need to move. I think you should download it and start tracking your steps! You might even consider delegating some SP so you can get your AFIT tokens as well! We need to know you are working on your health as well too. Wouldn’t want you to get bloated from sitting behind the computer, trying to meet our demands....

Best regards

P.S. I’m sorry as I’m as long-winded as the other dude...

If you talk about the views they have taken away from us, the big guys suddenly keep their mouth shut or find some silly excuses.


comment downvoted by the so-called witness themarkymark LOL.

And then people are surprised that Steemit loses authors and curators.

Oh, @themarkymark downvoted you?! That’s odd and unexpected, he seems like a reasonable fellow. I didn’t see any issue with your comment. He probably ate a bad popcorn or pancake or whatever craving he has at the moment. He should also consider downloading @actifit to work off the calories, endorphins make people happier and more chilled. I hope I don’t get downvoted, but oh well, we’re just offering an honest opinion that can and shall be ignored. I wouldn’t fuss @pagandance, I get your frustration.

I have wondered about how many people don’t speak up and just leave, or just don’t care anymore. The view count is at least another device we can use to ignore the BS and try to make some sense of this platform.

He got downvoted because he made a dickish comment in @themarkymarks post about Stan Lee dying. And it was only a 1% downvote. I make a lot of shitty comments and get downvoted. I don't cry about it, It is part of the game. Don't play if you don't want to pay. Mark could have easily hit him with a 100% downvote and sent his account back to the stone ages.

thanx for your nice words! I see the sun is shining so it is time for a nice walk outside!

Actifit has recently received a very generous delegation from @freedom which may or may not be ned.............. I can't say any more, Ned is watching me. I will try to get back on and explain more when he is sleeping.

Oh, forget @ned! I’ve heard through the very dodgey grape vine that you are the real celebrity! Might it be you that is steering the ship? If so, please bring back the view count.

Since you’re hair, you might understand that every strand counts. Get it count, as in view count.

OK, that is lame...but I had to try.

Ned can see you while he is sleeping? He has eyes on the top of his head too? Or are you under surveillance? I suppose, nobody wants to wake up and discover their toupee has gone AWOL. (Misread comment, sorry. I was in a skype session about middleware and integration, so I blame that. But maybe I should have been paying attention to work rather than sneaking in a comment to hair. omg...I need a break from all this.)

Btw, you too should download @actifit and start collecting these AFIT tokens. I understand counting calories isn’t a hair thing...But if even his hair is using the app, it might inspire him.

Thanks for the heads up on the delegation too. :)

bring back the view count! period!
if this is not only about the money it is about the views, too!
So atm I do not know if I write for the waste bin or actually some steemians..
No feedback at all is worse than bad feedback (little views)

I didn't even notice that. I never actually paid attention but why in the world would they take something like that out of the platform. It's a good feature! They physically, I mean had to work, to blatantly take it out. Why? You just don't go back to your code to take something like that out without a reason...Afraid, of the low engagement count? Nobody is actually consuming content? Tell me something I don't know.

the only reason I can imagine is that the discrepancy between voting bot votes and the views counter is too obvious by showing the views...

I've been waiting for that maintenance dude to show up for over one year. This mall currently has an escalator temporarily stairs, as Mitch Hedberg so eloquently put it.

There are a few issues making it difficult for folks new and old to reach the top floor. Sure, I could use the elevator but the security guard won't open the door unless I bribe him, and I don't play that game because I already know, if I buy that pair of pants, he's just going cut the legs off and leave me standing there with a pair of short shorts. That's not my style.

People are coming to the mall just to pick the pennies out of the fountain instead of browsing our merchandise. Those were our wishes, Ned. How will they ever come true now?

I can respect the fact things aren't ready to be said. I said everything I said, that way, just now, because I'm not interested in causing a fuss or bringing up problems. Those who can read between the lines will understand. My biggest concern is if things stay the same, and we stop experimenting due to "Maintenance Mode", we will continue down the same path we've been on for quite awhile now. The results are in and I think we took a wrong turn. I'm not a fan of cancelling the trip, I still want to get to the destination because there's a cold beer there with my name on it.

Thanks for the ear. Have a good day.

I’m not interested in stagnation either. Thus an overall emphasis on innovative apps (malls) in the ecosystem, and a light notice to shop owners (power users) of a new mall to franchise into being built on nearby scalable soil with working escalators as mentioned in that post. Really, I won’t be saying anymore. As Bernie mentioned, it’s just not the time. It really only came out because SteemFest raised the demand for Product from power users, as you can see in my replies.

We speak the same language, on the same page. Fair enough. You don't want to say much but you've said enough to restore my confidence in this project, as a whole. I'm well aware there's far more to STEEM than this simple box I'm typing in now. Patience is progress.

@ned, I'm truly hoping it was accidental that you muted @nonameslefttouse? He's been a cheerleader for this platform for over two years, his was one of the accounts that got me excited about this place when I started here almost two years ago myself, and even as the prices have been nosediving he's written posts of encouragement, continues to be a steemit advocate. So again, I really hope it was accidental and that you remedy it soon.


I like your reply, it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for writing comments which are better than most of the posts written on Steemit.

There are lots of interfaces into the steem blockchain and lots which are not in maintenance mode and have active development (steempeak/busy/esteem/partiko to name a few). A better analogy would be that steemit is simply a type of experimental sunglasses that are going out of fashion and not being developed any further. That does not stop people using other improved sunglasses to watch the sun set (or read your posts). Your shop is on steem not steemit; and we need to stop equating steemit as if it is steem.

That said I don't see why they could not just open up the steemit interface to community development if it is in maintenance mode.

Some of the issues I see and experience extend to nearly all interfaces. That's a conversation for a different post though. I know and respect the fact there's more to STEEM than Steemit.

Community development would be wise, provided it doesn't turn into too many cooks in the kitchen. Gotta have a game plan. Good luck getting everyone on the same page.

Yes agree about the too many cooks. But many open source projects have solutions to that. Even setting up an independent not for profit who developed the code and kept it open source (firefox style) would work. They would at least be separate then from steemit inc and the conflict they have with maintaining both the blockchain itself and steemit while monetizing their historical tokens. You could finance it initially with some seed funding from steemit inc and a few % beneficiary fee would make it financially stable in the long run.

What a brilliant analogy @nonameslefttouse, and also a lovely lesson wrapped up in there as well :-)


I know more about my own destiny than I do the destiny of .. erm.. destiny TM. That said, @ned described it as a steem based app, which means that it will participate in the Steem eco-system just like steempeak, and the other dApps. Personally, I think should be redirected to at some point since Steempeak is significantly better positioned to serve the function that was intended to. Therefore, I don't see that you need to be concerned about your hard work leading nowhere - the steem blockchain and other UIs will continue on regardless.

  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

Sounds to me like 'destiny' is the evolution of steemit and will probably have its own smt. Dont see why you couldnt just upgrade steemit, so it isnt forever in beta mode. In which case beta was a lie because it was never going to be a completed. This was done on purpose to see how people would react to it and i bet you didnt think people would become so attached.

Makes me wonder if there was ever any intention to truly see it through, in the first place place. What a joke.

Revelations...come here...pretty slow and crawling! is in Maintenance Mode, and that’s part of explaining Destiny. All I’m doing is letting people know I’m still working.

Are you literally the only employee? I would think syncad has more than you on the payroll. Yeah, I don't think so, you didn't learn a thing from our last chat about the "i" in leadership, and you've done the narcissistic thing again! Go figure. (Gonna flag me now and look silly like last time, which hurt me zero and made you look petty with your flags? Streisand and I thank you for them, I got a lot of mileage out of that.)

Also "maintenance modes" are for things that made it out of beta, and besides, maintenance modes don't explain anything except every single thing that @nonameslefttouse said below( or above, or wherever this obtuse threading methodology lands it when the dust settles)

You're kind of like our little Trump. You got hair everyone likes, but when you talk, you seem to make people less comfortable about the future than they were before, regardless if you are gonna produce or not, and so far well... We'll let the price charts and platform dapp and user attrition be the judge.

More about SMTS here: http://seelastyearslinksaboutit

This inexperienced little boy continues to display how weak he is at leadership, and how afraid he is of scrutiny and accountability to people who are stakeholders, platform builders, users, basically the only reason he has a job to do all by himself without a "we" at his little company that has failed to successfully deliver much of anything at all, and what little they try to do now, is late and broken.

These are troubling times, and it's time for drastic measures. Not ignoring a large stakeholder like he did to @BernieSanders above here or acting like a petulant child to others.

We see you Ned, and we are not amused, nor very impressed.

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You got hair everyone likes

You're too kind. Really, thank you.

how many employees does STEEM have?? I mean, why aren't there reports sent out about this ??

"STEEM" doesn't have ANY employees, it has us, the community at large.

"Steemit, Inc" - we have no idea, because so far, they won't tell us.

But to be VERY clear, steemit, inc, is NOT steem, and vice versa.

right, it's clear as mud, i get it ... i don't understand how a 100s of million 'company' can't contract out some talent for marketing and basic administration and such / peace

We all definitely have unanswered questions, and failed expectations. You won't get any argument from me or many others on that.

somebody get ned a graphic designer to polish stuff up and so his posts don't look like doggy-doo... no offense

There are better way to go about communicating and getting people excited about something.

I understand hype is fun and all that, but right now that's not what people are looking for from you. Take a few moments to reconsider your approach.

well he has to say something,

he still has 1.4 million steem to withdraw...


Its Such a Mysterious World of "Steemit" !!!...With li'l clarity over things...issues...& perhaps almost everything!!!
Seems like everyone here is juggling with his/her own whims n fancies!!!...

Lets see how it goes.

@ned, I wish you would have spoken at Steemfest about this, or perhaps you did and I missed it? Anyway, I'll go to your page and check out the announcement as I completely missed this one.

Shame we didn't meet at Steemfest, though I can see why you may have wanted to keep a lowish profile.


What is destiny?

Very good question.

like yeah... what?

Crypto was matured since Bitcoin birth. People who lives earning from scaming will never make their mind grow. Sadly, i was many times a victim of scamers. I did lose a lot of money by believing they will make grow my money at their way.

    Time will say if it was a mirage or a pretty short crap. Black Hats always know how to make a lot of money by making dirty -but legal- tricks from platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Reddit instead wasting time by trying to find votes from bots here on Steemit. As i have no money and knowledge in programming and design, i cannot do more than just make posts without receive an income without losing it by investing in bots, and learn how to get notorious without being a Black Cap...

    Your bravery and awesomeness made me feel kinda like lifted up!

    Feels like hungry now!
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    @ronel, your pancakes are ready!


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    Preach, Bernie! Preach! We need an easy-to-reach toggle switch between power down and cancel power down.

    wow, you are really bold to say that.

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    Hi? Hi

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    Funnily, my thoughts exactly.


    Well, let's hope that in these days it increases that we need to help others.


    I love steemit I hope it alright.God bless us all.

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    Let's talk. Let's bring it back. Together we can to fix it. Peace👍


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    I like fish too dammit.

    Hey bernie, someone flag your post

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    This is the post that somehow gets 350+ upvotes : (

    Don't feel bad, a lot of them are mine.

    lol it's not the form it's the substance.

    Lol its all good

    we have to wait patiently ... we must not panic

    los gritos de una burbuja se hacen más fuertes, el mercado cripto en realidad ha tenido una tendencia en dirección de la maduración

    Amazing Post. Thanks For Sharing

    I don't know what Steemit Inc did at the end of 2017 so the price soared and what was done afterwards so the price of Steem and SBD is dropped? For me who relies on Steemit, the condition is quite sad now

    good job