@kingkhann & @farazahman - the latest scam accounts from @trevonjb

in steem •  last year

Good try @trevonjb - found ya! I'll be watching your votes now - get fucked scammer!


Here's another...

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nice work sir.

here is a nice graphic of trevon's current "Voting shares of the cake"


even if he said a few days ago that he will not power down and even power up to annoy @berniesanders.
he is doing so now ! ( master craig gave advice again...pssssst)
watching his actions is very embarrassing and pitiful...
he has no idea what to do now, he will simply power down now and will try to hide his steem power somehow to seperate his influence from his bad reputation.
funny that he is attacking bernie for doing so.
but like he said on his own.
he always just tried to be a copycat of successful individuals.
very sad kid..., only tries to satisfy his greed while becoming a really lonely and rich person...

try to be more like craig trevon !!!!
,which has at least a few people around him which think they love him.


Do you really think it's wise to make yourself a target? You're looking at one account of many, don't be ignorant.


Here Sir @berniesanders is your morning coffee and the flyer of the steemians in provation for everyone to be watching their every move.

I'll be in my desk if you need anything else.





How could you compare lee with a straight up scammer? you must be retarded


All three are causing problems on the platform. If you can't see this, perhaps you are the challenged one?


I didn't know about this tool.
Have you seen haejin and ranchorelaxo. Its pathetic

Haha great work done sir


@berniesanders, Great job you are doing here.

Very few "men" are committed to see order on a platform like this

selflesness is a virtue most of us don't have "hence honour should be given to one who has chosen to be the light to those in darkness".

Keep up the great job

Here people use this to track his upvotes


Not one should slip by now


Thanks for sharing I want to learn a lot
from all you good guys here

A hit by minus (-17) can freeze you Khan and Ahmed like liquid nitrogen freezes the embryos for an infinite period!!!!!
Someone is watching you from sky, keep your environment hormonious or feel the freeze.


Haha this is all interlinked with each other and the data are stored in steem so they can easily review our progress likely or not. And liquid nitrogen already froze them.

You my friend... are a god among men!


Wonder Bernie get salary for his job? He spend really much time to make steem better.


He gets gratitude from us, and Steem... what's a better salary than that? 😉


vote @nextgencrypto for wittness and pay him for his service


nice follow you blog and vote thank you :)


thank you beauty anime girl!


@tolkatore, your caption is the perfect description for man such as this.

Indeed, "he is a god among men"

When a man stands out of the crowd, nothing described him more than being the strange one among men.

Wassa wassa wassa!!!!! Bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect!!!!!!






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Intangible scam time..


Hey hey heeeeeeyyyy! Mmmmmno!


And the connection was too intimate, got broken than to separated


Eeeeyyyy its your boy Trevon!!! 😂😂😂

Great work! Keep finding the scammers and flagging them. Upvoted!

Hey @berniesanders I was analysing some bot stats and finded this guy:
@sergioss. he's posting only comments and getting huge ups before payout from @sandrino. looks like spam machine


They are dam smart guys

Hey Trevon Brown,
did you really think you could fool the Bernie???
you fool.....LOL

This guy should be in jail. Good hunting.

Bernie search through my comments I WAS ONTO HIM ILL LINK MY COMMENT I MADE WHEN I SAID J WAS ONTO SOMETHING IT WAS THAT ACCOUNT THAT TREVON KEPT LIKING TO GET UPVOTES THAT COMMMENT THE ACCOUNT MADE ABOUT HAEJIN @berniesanders obviously little man like me couldn’t get it out there but seriously thank you for exposing this what a bastard



Here’s the comment I made I was investigating this account because I thought something was up good man for following breadcrumbs too as a community seriously need to stop this shit from happening and are extremely lucky to have people like @berniesanders on our side how easy could of it been for him to join the “dark rape pool side”. Very. so everyone shut the fuck up and be glad that we’ve got a serious team player on our side

Seems like an everyday scammer account. Pics are from pixabay.

What's up guys it's ya boy Trevon at it again!

Hi Berniesanders

We are strugling day and night and at the
end what we are getting in the end $0.01
for such a good post and as in your post
ppl are getting this much amount with
just 2 Votes what @steemit Blockchain
is doing we come here for this
support me also dear all frnds

iyi bir içerik tanks bebek ;

votes bekliyorum gençler başarmak için çaba şart Hey-You-m9.png

Piss off Trevon, you scamming piece of shit.

I know the whole story behind trevon and bernie, but what does this post point out? I'm confused. Thanks

HAHA awesome

NICE.. have been following you, every complaint post of yours makes you earn 500++$$.. good way to make big bucks..


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buen post amigo te invito a ver mi blog

Amazing Very cool my brothers so want to be in follow and vote me


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nice post

Will this man ever stop being a scumbag?

Great post and great article. Do you really think it's wise to make yourself a target You're looking at one account of many, don't be ignorant.

I have sent 01 sbd an hour ago to randowhale for upvote the following link but did not received


Well, I sent 3 seperate amounts of 1 SBD for three posts to randowhale, but no upvote, nor refund...
Could you check this please?

you have a typo in the title, second account ends with a 'd' not an 'n'

Didn't know Trevon and Haejin were best pals! Like WOW wtf!?


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This is a success that has been found. with this reminding us all so as not to falsify

This is the problem we have on steemit, someone will write an informative and educative well organize article and ended up have only $1 to $5 or $10, while another will only snap just a normal pic with no creativity and post,under 1hour, you will see more than $25.

Where are we going ?
what is steemit turing into?
With this kind of dubious act, what will become if Steemit?

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geeeez the war is on indeed!!!

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A short post about this would be awesome to read. I have not figured out anything out of this. :P


Sometimes when i see post that are not even worth 5$ getting close to 50$, it just somehow discourages me...

Kudos to you...

Detective Sanders..lol 👌

Screw that mudafucka



I find it funny how many people think you are that old white hair senator. It cracks me up so much. Hope life is treating you well.

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am i the only one who wants to know how @berniesanders found @trevonjb out?!?

Good detective work @berniesanders!

On that first account I'm sure it's pronounced "king-conn"

i see that you are sharing a fuck scammer and i think that its not enough... anyway good post....

Nice one, here shouldnt turn into a place for 2 faced scammers! They should stick to faKebook.. Nice work,good job sir!

Yeah good going man.
Have been following you for a bit now and it's fckn ace seeing ya catching these pirates.
My motto in life is lead by good example. These bastards have to be stopped before everyone starts taking the piss.

Wait i don't understand how could he make so much money without any votes or comments. Please explain !

Little Greedy Trevon is making a lot of enemies. More and more each day. Can't be enough of us. Keep it up!

Very good job friend Congratulations

well you should check @ abagendo

Let's click some flag buttons to those accounts 😈

So how does it go for these master accounts? Is there any punishment for them

what happens, sir?

I've told you before
Your post is very good indeed

Great work dear.

I do love all of your posts, you are really funny sweetie!! @berniesanders I'm so glad to be your friend, people with a good sense of humor are my favorite!!

I think you are investigating such kind of accounts, can you prove it by upvoting deal of such worth $$$ on any of my latest post.

Hello @berniesanders

I realized that you are a good will person..your mind is so high..I feel in always time.. it is my changing in my life... in a middle I need a many contribution ... I hope that I always time help getting for you.. everytime I am following for your post becesue your post imformative for us......

I will try.. I always time.. I followed you and other persons I inspired in your post.

i will always upvote and resteem
enjoy it
your one 100% upvote changing my life


For real!!!! Get'em!!?


I don't know how fucking fast they post these comments. :D


Becesue? Is that a french poet?

Good post .......thanks for sharing

Good Yhncx for sharing this <3 <3

That's some amazing detective job, are you a PA irl?