Say goodbye to your #rewardpoolrape @haejin!! It's time to do the RIGHT thing.

in steem •  2 years ago  (edited)

That's right, next Wednesday the massive #rewardpoolrape being committed by @haejin will come to an end!

Unless he comes up with some significant votes or powers up, his posts will be earning less than $20 each! Since @ranchorelaxo and @haejin refuse to upvote anyone but @haejin, these are the consequences he will face.

You are all very welcome for this gift I am giving you, and I hope many of you will join me!

A big THANK YOU to those of you who have already joined the good fight and you will see more next week.

P.S. - @haejin, I still have plenty of liquid steem, don't worry about me missing a rise in price.

I wish you all MASSIVE profits!!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You are Steemit's most embarassing, hypocritical piece a shit!

Look at your pet projects (@abusereports and others) which you self upvote like there's no tomorrow and yet you've killed so many minnows for self upvoting and come attacking me. None can beat you at self upvoting a single picture or three word self posts you digusting prick! YOU ADD NO VALUE TO STEEMIT!

In fact, if you want to punish self should punch yourself in the face!

You are also a liar! We had a truce back in December and all could be well but in less than two weeks, you outright broke the truce by reigniting a flag war. Only a sociopathic prick like you can do such dishonorable shame!

You hide behind alternate accounts like @special-agent and post just the most disgusting memes of animals. You degrade women with the most awful name calling. You post racist memes. YOU are NOT the poster boy for Steemit!

There is no reasoning with a psychotic, braindead, sociopath like yourself!

It's "piece OF shit", you goddamn imbecile.

Speaking of psychotic...@special-agent isn't my account. Again, making baseless accusations and making yourself look like the ignorant old communist you are.

You've lost it old man. I have trolled the living fuck out of you to the point where you're losing your mind and we're all basking in the sun watching you.

You've got 7 days.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Your Mom? Oh God...just the thought of it is ....baaaarrrrff!
The gene for pschosis and sociopathic tendencies run hard in your's clear! It must be a maternal trait for you.

Look here...the spychotic sociopath knews how to shpell!

Sure, lie all you want..nobody believes you, you sociopath!

In India some woman have to sell their bodies and dignity for less then this comment is worth just to survive, think about it, I don't mean to criticize, just to put things in perspective how good our lives actually are.
As long as this conditions exist I'm ashamed of being a human being, we really could make a difference instead of all that senseless fighting.

This case is not just confined to India. There are a number of places where people even starve to death. Aren't we social beings? Wouldn't it be our responsibility to raise them up by doing whatever possible? GREED is what motivate many among us even to lead their life. I don't know if we can take all that we have earned with us when we are dead!

Yes I'm sorry, this is just one example of countless inhumane situations around the world, this ought to be a good documentary to watch. The discrepancy in Africa is not different, and even here in Austria the gender pay gap is at 20%

We live in a throw away society, and there are so many people that just don't have a voice, one could start to collect those old smartphones, establish some basic internet connection, teach people how to write and earn what could mean for them the difference between life and death. But that means to put in selfless effort and there ain't many saints but a lot of demons out there :)

But I think there will come a time when it will be the other side around, you learn selflessness through greediness and there are billions of people learning at the moment :)

And I don't know if I want to take all that I have earned with me when I am dead, what is the point in leaving one lunatic asylum for another :)

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@haejin ... Just a few upvotes to others and more variety in your posts would do it for you.
If youre getting this amount of hate you must be able to see what you must do.
Why areyou fighting windmills is beyond me. Its your right to upvote yourself but its the right of the community to expel you if they see you as a negative factor.
Come and be a part of the community, its fun i promise.

He only cares about raping the reward pool. This is not someone that gives about other humans or community. This is a simple socioapath who literally steals the community's money.

Its everyones right to feel any way they want. Thing is that you catch more flies with honey then with vinegar.
Viciously attacking anyone, even if its the worst or best person in the world you will get a reaction equal or worse.
Its instinctual.
Which is why the best action is to extend a hand after we see what @berniesanders is about to do.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
You are also a liar! We had a truce back in December and all could be well but in less than two weeks, you outright broke the truce by reigniting a flag war. Only a sociopathic prick like you can do such dishonorable shame!

YOU lied and didn't remove all of your flags from the Steem Poker League during that "truce".

Awe, the old man is butthurt about a truce. You're about to learn a real hard lesson (and it's not the one you give your donkey).

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sure prick! You're useless for Steemit...isn't that plain and obvious? And you know what? We ALL KNOW IT! ALL of STEEMIT know that you are useless for the platform!

Exactly what is your value for Steemit? Name it? What, you're trying to keep everyone in line like a flock of sheep? HA! Well, I for one am not controllable by a sociopathic dense retard like you!

You've been trying to "destroy" me for how long? Come on psycho sociopath! Next Wed., I'll start giving you 500 or more posts per month to downvote. It'll be my special gift for you, nicely wrapped in bullshit paper. And I'm sure that you, like a dumb ass you are, will start obediently downvoting actual 500 while the rest of Steemit gffaws and laugh at you!

Oh, Oh...and don't forget you'll need all the SP so power up all that free steem! C'mon dense dumb can do it!

You try to huff and puff to make yourself look like a mean ass....but all you've done is show that you are nohting more than an ass'-hole!

Meanwhile, I'm gonna hit your pet project @abusereports every day! And your buddies who upvote it.

P.S. - Do you really think I care about @abusereports? Has your senile old brain not realized I don't care about the rewards? It's all about taking yours away, and you're about to realize that. I already have all the money I could ever need and more, I'm happy to waste a ton of voting power on you.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

@haejin, please read this and try to understand, because you obviously do not.

It doesn't matter how many posts you write. You will have to upvote them (using voting power) to give them rewards and I will have to flag them (using the same amount of voting power) to remove the rewards. It balances out. Please, please, please waste your time writing 50 posts per day. That would be your loss and not mine. Again, it all comes back to Steem Power and regeneration which you obviously do not understand.

I'm also glad you admit your posts are "bullshit paper"...whatever the fuck that means.

Also, I don't need to power up any more Steem. I already said I'm not going to completely remove your rewards, although if others do, that would be great, although not my goal.

I beg you, please learn how Steem works. Again, you're making yourself look like a senile old communist.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

@yesman1 you're on the @abusereports naughty list! Bad Steemian!

You're fucking senile old man. You're alzheimers-based ramblings are just showing everyone what a true scammer you are.

Did I get under your skin? You seem a little upset? Do you need a tissue to cry into?


Sure. Keep thinking that. You're doing exactly what I want you to easy to control because you are dead from the neck up!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Dude you are a douchebag that is spamming the platform with your 2-cent updates on BTC every 2 hours to scam the reward pool. Everybody knows it. If this were a real community and we could say your face and your real name you would be so ashamed you would be run out of town. But since this is the internet, anonymous scamming is the name of the game.

I've been watching this dynamic for months and it is the main reason I and many other people don't invest more in STEEM. Why should I do hard work so that you can put up a chart in 2 minutes and walk away with our money. Its disgusting. Its sociopathic by definition.

to be fair Haejin, all of your post are identical, except for the name of the crypto your speaking about.

You broke the truce by threatening to counter every vote of @steemcleaners.

You broke the truce by threatening to counter every vote of @steemcleaners.


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

The solution is simple. @haejin should do more than posting and upvoting his tea tree leaves. He should contribute towards the platform by upvoting other posts, resteeming quality work and more.

He hasn't done this.

If he actually wanted the war to end he would do these simple gestures. His critics would no longer have grounds for their arguments and it would fade out into the next big controversy.

He seems scared to lose even a single day's, or week's, worth of profit from his tea leaf readings.

Here's another suggestion for @haejin. Why not try flagging people who abuse the platoform? Like:

@ngos or @mandella

You can see their inflated overvalued shitposts here and here. +$100 for shitty pictures of flowers and flying planes.

Either way, @haejin has now placed his word that STEEM will shoot to +$20 a pop. We can now watch how effective his financial astrology proves to be.

im looking forward to some positive change around here, its been a while

I just went an got a extra box

Haha this is the best movie i have ever seen...

Popcorn! I thought @truthtrader was going to be a good show. @berniesanders is even better.

Lmfao, better than Mexican soap-operas.

laughs in Spanish

(This is a joke in case there is misunderstanding)

Pass on some to me too 😂

Beware of the food does not enter the hull

I want too

Nothing better than Steem drama to pass the time! :)

This is going to be good! LOL breaks out the extra movie butter popcorn @therealwolf

Can't we all be friends, and sing KUMBAYA, at least I think that's how you spell it. lol

Hahahaha 😃


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Let the best man win! Let the man who is doing right to the Steemint platform win!

All friend see new #rewardpoolrape @hayjin Say goodbye !! This is the right time to me about ,now about konw all post see and read,pleas see

This comment has received a 0.28 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @isabella69.

Bongivesti tuliseks

why are you selling votes instead of flagging haejin

Maybe you guys can both run for witnesses and fight it out in future forks. It will be a steemit main event that will generate countless $500 + posts and bring new users to steemit.

great amazing

Bernie is already a witness - as his main acct


Now i deeply love you!

Wow! Nice post

How do you plan on achieving that?

Don't know what to make of all this. 1 month & 1 day at steemit but I am beginning to understand more and more.

Hi my friend @berniesanders, but this haejin is korean? Last time you was angry with them because of him?

I learn a lot from all the comments here. And I am putting one to use immediately although it might be hidden because of low value

I can notice that there is too much love in the air but unfortunately not in this post :)
It seems that you guys need more support to continue this fight. Let me introduce you Fundition, our crowdfunding platform, where you can gather funds and supports from many people.

@berniesanders we can help you to create a great project to gather funds to buy some more SP, since weapons are prohibited on our platform.

@haejin we can assist you to gather more funds so you will even take more benefit to raise the steem price. Btw there is 0% fees on our platform.

So I invite you both to create a project on Fundition and to join our Discord and if you do so I promise to include the "Bomb" action on your projects, which consist to send bombs (instead hearts) to a project and his updates to downvote them.

Fuck yes. Thank you.


How is this possible??? How are you going to achieve what you said in this post ???

He is going to achieve it by going on a downvoting spree

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Man, is hard to take place on this, i cant really say that im full on @berniesanders path, or @haejin one.

I think haejin could help and do his best for this community, instead of just enjoy the pool reward, but at the same time, i think him has the chance to enjoy it like any one does, so..

I know in the long term, this could not be good for any one of us but well, what can we do more than just try to stop him like bernie does? And trying to stop him, will be worth? What makes you think, him will stop?

Plus all this fights, is another reason for him, to keep enjoying the reward pool, instead of stop with the abuse. So i don't really think, fighting will solve anything, at all.

I think, pleasant like me, and some others, just come here for the popcorn. I don't think we can do much more right now, but yeah, someone should try to solve things, and put some light on this community.

So yeah bernie, i think u don't have much more to lose right now, and if things goes as you said, for sure you and all of us, has something to win.

At least, looks like that.

Meanwhile ..
Take a breath of fresh air with Claptone:

It's only possible for Whales and Witnesses to check haejin's reputation (nearly 80) at this point in time. It is simply not going to effect him if you have less than $100k in Steem Power.

The fact of the matter is this: many whales do exactly the same thing on SteemIt as haejin does. However, it is beneficial for them to attack haejin, thereby taking attention off of their own self-voting activities. It's really a whole bunch of crap that minnows really need not concern themselves with. I'm under no illusions that my 100 SP is going to have any impact on what is going on here. Simply put, just one larger whale will have to take a break from their own rampant, self-interested activities and slap down haejin - which they could easily do. However, they won't do that - because it would then draw everyone's attention to their own activities, which are nearly identical to haejin's.

This is nothing but a big whale circle-jerk, and minnows would do well to steer clear - they are extremely likely to be smashed into oblivion for simply speaking their mind.

I don't understand, why doesn't this whale-war concern everybody? Aren't they be definition taking % of the reward pool that is supposed to be going to the community not into their own pockets?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well, here is the simple version: even on SteemIt, it takes a whole lot of money if you want to make a whole lot of money. About 2/3rds of the total coins are still held in the hands of a few of the founders' accounts. No matter what anyone does, they can immediately change everything - if they so choose.

You CAN make money here but, unless you have a ton of money that you use for self-upvoting, you're probably not going to make much here as a writer/blogger/vlogger. Unless you are, or you become, a very good and talented writer - in which case you'll possibly be able to make enough money to live on - but only if that is what you want to dedicate your life and all of your time to doing, AND you dedicate a lot of effort to developing and interacting with your followers, AND you do this for a long time, starting out with little to no rewards for your efforts.

Do not let that discourage you, however. Just know that like anything in life, you have to work hard to get ahead. That takes time. People are not just going to drop free money in your lap, just because they have a lot of it.

Use SteemIt as a place to learn about money. Learn about trading, digital assets, how to set up wallets, how to do Technical Analysis, how to do Macro Analysis, etc. You can even trade tons of Steem coins and make a profit - but "powering up" locks up your money for 13 weeks. If you bought Steem at $1, t sucks to see Steem go up to $4 only to realize that it will take you 13 weeks to power down - and who knows where the price of Steem will be then? It might be $8, or it might be 75 cents.

Brilliant comment Sir, very aptly explained.

I just want to point out to you @bi5h0p, that your self vote, if no one else gives you a vote is going to be dusted off. Any vote total that does not rise to the $0.020 level will be dusted, meaning that it just goes poof. No rewards, no curations, no nothing. So hope someone comes along and provides you a second vote. You vote would have been better spent on the post than on yourself.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well then, by all means, let me vote for you and hope for the same. There's nothing harder on SteemIt than being a self-appointed, self-upvoter policeman. It's a good thing we have guys like you around here to keep track of everyone else's money for them. Thanks, and keep up the good work! :D

I think you miss understood, I am the last one to tell anyone how to vote, I was just trying to let you know that it was a wasted vote if no one else votes for your comment. You are not going to receive anything for your vote, and unless you are using a vote slider of some sort, you only have limited amounts of votes to use. You want or most people want their vote to either bring value or to give value, not to see their vote just dusted off into oblivion. I am sorry you took it the other way as a criticism, it was not. However until your vote can give you a lift why just watch it burn up. I myself do not upvote myself, but that is because I try to upvote a lot of people, and to help them.

The self vote is a built in system. If it is good for a whale it should be good for everyone, however they set a dut value to the vote value, meaning that unless a post/blog or comment exceeds $0.019 ($0.020), then all the votes casted on that Post/Blog or comment are burned, made into nothing no reward received no reward given, net value of the votes=ZERO. Where as if you vote on a post/blog or a comment that already has exceeded that vote value level you at least may get a little curation reward. Feel free to look at my page here is what you will see ( 0.31 % self, 293 upvotes, 123 accounts, last 7d ) the upvote was an accident on my part and was removed by me.

My comment was meant entirely to educate, granted I am not that great of a teacher, however I never said not to vote for yourself, I was trying to inform you of what was going to happen. I myself knew nothing about the vote dust level until about two weeks ago, how ever since you feel I have "acted like self-appointed, self-upvoter policeman, I will place you on mute so that I never "darken your door with Police type activities again. I do apologize to you for taking my information in the wrong light.

Then if self vote gives nothing its only reasonable for one to open another account and keep voting theirselves by storing all the power there

Until an individuals own vote power equals at least $0.020 vote value, then self voting will give the self voter no reward. They can always hope for another person to come along and upvote their post, but unfortunately there are a lot of post that get no votes. A lot of my early post got no votes. So the best use of a new person's vote is to actually find content they like, leave a vote, and make a real comment, something more than 6 words. But how a person votes is their choice, if they want to make money, they need the information so they can make an informed decision on how best to utilize their vote.

Yeah you are right, liked "how best to use ones vote depends on the person" ... Curating is just the best way to use it

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Taking my casual, sarcastic remarks as a personal insult would be a mistake. I was on a bit of a rant and I sincerely apologize for causing offense. I can be a nice guy, as well as an @$$hole - as most of us are able to do. Your point is well taken. However, if you will notice, I did get 2 other votes on that comment, adding up to about 13 cents. It won't take me long to count, but every little bit helps.

To me my opinion is , truth us many other persons on steemit do exactly what @haeijin does, but in different ways aint gonna name names, the only ish i have with haejin is that he writes almost the same thing over and over again and the reason is because he doesnt care about you upvoting him, he has enough power to upvote himself. Most of us saying haejin did this or that are actually guilty of the same crime we are all accusing him off, lets call a spade a spade. I ainy on Anyones side simply because i feel like @berniesanders also has his flaws as reagrds this reward pool ish but all the same it is haejins sp he has ever right to do what he needs to do with it but he should learn to be more generous as his support would be good for the community growth . lastly my mum always thought me that one can never use fire to quench another fire.
There is something i use to say your upvote on someones post can provide a meal on their table, it could make someone stay encouraged and keep staying on steemit. So lets all keep it real, the main idea of steemit is to share love via steem. Lets not forget that.

Well said. Staying focused on promotion of content we think is good, not on behavior we think is bad, seems to be about the best solution to anything on SteemIt we see as a negative situation. I do think flags and downvoting are not always being used properly on this platform, and are not a very effective use of Steem Power, if you are trying to do something positive.

Everything must come to an end

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

And, I'm guessing that with a name like "fuckmylife" you would know all about everything coming to an end. :D Lighten up, buddy - it's not "The End Of The World!" until it is actually the end of the world. The sky was still blue this morning when I looked outside.

I was referring to his rein of terror

Ok, but how to achieve that?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Another Haejin victim


No you dip shit! I said, fractals, Patterns and fucked up by not listening well!

I'll support by flagging with my 2 cent vote, literally... I guess it adds up.

@berniesanders you kind of man is worthy of emulation. The way you've been fighting for this platform has really shown you are a man of broad heart. Keep winning sir.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The post is so awesome. The Comments are so amazing. I like the whole Blog. Thanks to everyone. As a new member I knew manything from your post and comments.

Stay blessed and Be happy. Take care everyone. @berniesanders

I don't know who are right and who are wrong, btw as a newbie I learn manything from you. Hope I'll supported by you. Btw as a little sister I would like to suggest you to please don't quarrel. Unity is Strength. So Have a nice day both of you Sir @haejin and @berniesanders

I resteem this post. Not for support the bloggers. i resteem this post for everyone to know about them. So don't take my comment negatively please.

Thanks to Everyone

You are all very welcome for this gift I am giving you, and I hope many of you will join me!

While i am thankfull you are stopping the abuse is there any way i can help? I mean me flagging him will chip away like 0.01 of his profits.
Im seeing abuse left and right here on SteemIt and it only seems to work for people who don't get caught.

"Im seeing abuse left and right here on SteemIt and it only seems to work for people who don't get caught."

that describes all of capitalism, its not like steem is special in that regard

I have yet to see some one being able to rape the rewards of other platforms to such an extent without getting banned. To new users steemit seems like bots scams and abuse.

If you want to talk about abuse, here is something to think about. You have two votes on your post. your vote total value is $0.010. Do you know what is going to happen to your self vote, and the vote that marengo gave you? Do you want to see real abuse? Are your curious about what abuse I am talking about? Would you like to learn what a dusted vote is? To learn that some people think that the dust level needs to be raised to a higher level? That some want it as high as $1.000, or even higher? Would you really want to know what a lot of witnesses think of the value of your vote? So you want to know their justification for wanting to raise the vote dust level? Would you want to raise it if it would deter spam? Just some things to think about when talking about abuse. What bernie is doing, and what haejin is doing is not considered abuse by the owners of steem. Self voting is allowed, it is not just for redfish and minnows and dolphins, it is allowed for everyone. Flagging for excessive rewards in the eye of the flagger is allowed and indeed encouraged by the owners of steem. Yes I am sure there is some abusive actions taking place on steemit, such as flagging an individual into oblivion, (rep to or below 0), for no reason. But very very little actual abuse of steemit other than the phishing and stealing of accounts.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

which witnesses want to raise this dust level? i just learned about that too and its kinda messed up they dont tell people that. I want to know what witnesses want to raise the dust level so only rich people can reach the threshhold, that way I wont vote them for witness.

I first learned about the dust level on a @timcliff, I don't think he was one that wanted to raise it, but he did want to let people know about the dust level. A ton of comments on that post so it may take you a little bit of time to read them all. Here is the first post I learned about the "vote dust level" on - - there are about 134 comments. And here is where he learned about the "vote dust level" and where I saw the proposal to raise the level, I am not sure if he is serious, or just wanted to get a conversation going about spam and what to do - - 401 comments so your looking at a bit of reading. between those two post. The road to hell is, as the saying goes, "paved in good intentions".

thank you! i definitely will read it then probably make a post about it...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

im trying like hell to figure out why i get only .001 for curating, the most ive gotten so far was .003 i think, talk about ZERO incentives for the peasants to curate at all. (and ive tried all different types of voting strategies, voting before 15 minutes, after 30, vote on posts without very many likes, vs tons of dollars and likes, ect) sheesh.

That I have yet to figure out. As far as I know the curation reward is also tied to how much SP you have, and how much vote power you use. Over the course of the last 24 hours the largest curation reward I received was $0.011, all the rest were in the 0.001 to 0.008 range, and only three above 0.003. So if you ever figure it out, let me know. I vote a lot, but I really have no strategy. if you have not seen it yet @abh12345, has two curation leagues, easy to join, and every Sunday he puts up a list of how well people are doing, one of them is a straight Curation List, who is making money on curations, - this is a link to his last weeks post 12 days ago, and on this sunday he will have a new lsit, I don't know very many of the people in league one, but maybe you can get some insights from one of them on how they do it.

Thanks for the publicity! I've replied to the above with an old post of mine you might find amusing :D

A few posts on the subject say curating is based on the sq root of your steem power... im going to read those links you both gave tonight.

Now im confused regarding payouts, trying to figure out why my last payout seems wrong. The post payout, 75 percent of approx 99 sbd only paid out approx 37.5 sbd and 9.5 sp? I had transferred 45 sbd into the post, and did not lose any of the bids. So how did i end up losing money?

The posts are listed in sbd, so it should have been 75 percent of 99 sbd. Im confused.

I forget who had the post about that but they explained about it by converting the SBD's into what they called STU. Something about converting SBD to dollars to STU to steem, it was hard for me to follow. But basically there is a price difference between SBD and Steem. I don't think this is the post I remember reading, but he does explain how it works, it is somewhat complicated.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thanks, i posted the question to him, see what he says. its odd, i spent over 46 sbd, valued at 161, to get back 166. doesnt make any sense whatsoever. It seems like for 75 percent of 100, 75 STU you should get 37.5 sbd and 37.5 sbd worth of steem power, not 37.5 divided by steem power price.

It's tough! This is how I felt 10 months ago with 900 SP :)

There is an alternative approach inside too :) Good luck! (And join the leagues using the link in the reply from @bashadow :) )

Thank you, ill definitely check it out!

Really? Very little abuse?
So i guess having like 100 different account all auto upvoting your shit is not abuse? Because we have found many accounts like that but they arent in the public eye.

Seetting up a betting bot and using its votes on your profile is not really abuse right? I mean deligate SP to my bot and pay it for votes so i can vote myself with it free of charge.

Seeting up a meme site where you can deligate SP and get parts of the rewards sounds good right? Well... what if the owner gets 3-4 different accounts of his there and bumps them with his huge ass vote so he can get the vote FROM HIS OWN BOT on HIS OWN ACCOUNTS from HIS OWN SITE is not really abuse?

I mean you are right its not "abuse" by the rules of steem but thats what flagging is for. In the end STEEMIT is currently used to mine Steem just like any other cypto but instead of just clicking start you have to take extra steps. Its all about gaming the system and not getting caught.

When i came to the site i was like "Woah people create great content, have communites and get paid seems awesome for some one like me" and in the end i found bots and friends upvoting each other for a shitload of money so i joined the game. Also keep in mind i have kept all my money IN Steemit unlike others who currently rape the reward pool for thousands a day.

Many people have more than one account on steemit, it is not against the rules from what I have been told, mind you I have been here less than one year, so I could be wrong on that account. Bots and the use of bots is not against the rules. Buying of votes is not against the rules, selling of votes is not against the rules. Voting for yourself or your friends is not against the rules. Is it really abuse if it is not against the rules? If people are so upset about all the vote bots and vote buying/selling the solution is for all the people to stop using them. If people want different rules, then find and vote for a witness that you believe will try to "fix" things, or run for witness yourself to try and effect a change. If it is allowed it is not abuse of the system. Most of the real abuse is from scammers and hackers that try and take control of a person's account, or downvote people to less that 25 REP because they got pissed off at a comment they made.

So wait if i make 100 accounts and make them all autoupvote me no one will care?
Then why are people who make scripts to find such accounts or last minute upvoters and downvote them?
Why are people pissed at @haejin then? No one is doing anything against the rules right? His friend is just voting for him... daily...
If you think this site will surpass Facebook or the other social media then i got a bad news for you... no one would come and stay here when they see that 90% of the profits goes to the same people. I could bring a huge part of my audience here but it seems like its pretty much a waste of time if you are looking at making a living from the author rewards. Im just here because if find it interesting.

If it is allowed it is not abuse of the system.

Thats a really terrible way of thinking. I can give you examples of countries where women are property and its allowed by the system but that doesnt mean the system is not shit.

or downvote people to less that 25 REP because they got pissed off at a comment they made.

As far as i know people keep doing it to people who they dissagree with and thats still not against the rules. Echo chambers because of the fear of flags are really strong here.

Then why are people who make scripts to find such accounts or last minute upvoters and downvote them?

They make them because they can, and downvoting for disagreement on reward payout is part of steemit.

Why are people pissed at @haejin then? No one is doing anything against the rules right? His friend is just voting for him... daily...

Some are flagging him for what they feel are excessive Rewards, and have been since the start. To the best of my knowledge, (and I do not follow it closely), they have not tried to decrease his reputation at all, only the rewards portion and it has been that way from the beginning. And no neither Haejin, nor his friend are doing anything against the rules, and the people down voting him are doing nothing against the rules either.

Reference Facebook, I really don't care what people on facebook think, or don't think. Anyone trying to live off of steemit, had better be real good at what they do, and like any other business be careful about not pissing their customer base off, and I doubt the percentage of people making a living off of facebook exceeds the amount of people making a living off of steemit.

Thats a really terrible way of thinking. I can give you examples of countries where women are property and its allowed by the system but that doesnt mean the system is not shit.

This type of abuse you mentioned is not the kind of abuse we are talking about here. It has nothing to do with the perceived abuse on steemit. There is no physical harm to people on steemit from what you see as abuse, and if you are comparing the abuse here to real life actual physical abuse of people then I feel extremely sorry of you, because you have just demeaned all those people that face real abuse through real life situation by comparing their abuse to the perceived abuse conducted on steemit. And I find that "Morally reprehensible" on your part. Any one that would compare the abuse that so many women have to suffer because of their society, or because of the actions of a man or another woman are a person I need not ever meet. And on that note, continue on with your life, enjoy or don't enjoy steemit, because I will no longer see your post or misguided ideas of what abuse is. No need to respond to this post, I will not see it. You reached mute level by trying to compare the abuse of a woman to the perceived abuses on steemit that cause no harm at all.

apparently it also is not abuse to flag someone for a comment they made. that was one of the first things i learned here that took me aback. we were lured here from you tube and facebook because of opinion flagging and censorship, only to learn that if you have enough SP or you have friends with high SP, you can shut anyone up that you wish.

actually if someone flags you for a comment and it is simply because you had a different point of view, and did not throw names and rant at the person or post in your comment, in other words your comment was a "clean" comment, @steamcleaners will view it as abuse and try to get the flag removed, and if unable will try to set it right as much as possible.

Comment flagging is abuse if the commenter did not abuse the poster. If you call someone names in your comment, yeap, you are likely to get flagged. There are a lot of reasons to flag and to slam a comment down and hide that persons comment. Flagging a comment that is racist, indecent, or calling for violence on a post you create you have all the rights in the world to flag that kind of comment to oblivion, and it is not censorship.

They can make a blog and post it on their page, you have not restricted their right to free speech, you have simply maintained a family friendly environment in your online home. When people throw a party, they do not put up with the loud obnoxious guest for very long before they are asked to leave, Have you censored them by asking them to leave your home?

There's definitely disagreement with that by some... this was a good post.

I hope your anwer is right.
Check out this answer to the same question:


berniesanders (-15) · 4 days ago
If you do not stop upvoting this piece of shit @mattjack I’m going to do far worse than @haejin has to your posts.

This is what @berniesanders posted to one of his own supporters few days ago guessing you enjoy being told who you are allowed to vote for who's post's read and etc

guessing you enjoy being told who you are allowed to vote for who's post's read and etc

So are you not? If a whale sees you voting for someone they don't like they can just flag you to shit. What will you do then?

I will call them a prick like I'm calling @berniesanders one for that same reason

But I definitely won't submit

I had a happy rep of 39 I think it was, when I asked the prick @berniesanders if he doesnt think that his bellow zero rep is a sign that his actions aren't quite as representative of what the steemit community wants as he claims for which he destroyed my account.
If you want to support bullying other users youknow who to upvote!

His reputation is mostly the result of Dan Larimer and a few other STINC associates. It is not representative of “what the Steemit community wants.”

Its like saying my reputation isn't what the community wants because the only downvotes I ever received where from bs and his other accounts
Its an overall score and it is what it is

"It is not representative of “what the Steemit community wants.”"
In this case you are making a decision of who the community consist off, who belongs and who doesn't

Its an open community and there is enough space for everybody to not have to go round destroying other peoples accounts posting racist shit dont like it mute it sorted!

As to flagging for reward disagreement Im just pointing out that there is a lot of double standards about seems some are flagged for it while others applauded!

If you want to support bullying other users youknow who to upvote!

By your own logic i should not upvote any single whale since they seem to go after users they dislike destoying their rewards and rep. Also you may not care about reputation but ill rearely care what some one with 0 writes since those are mostly spambots. Also i find it hilarious you think that the whales will care what i think when i have literally no position on this site.

They wont care what one person thinks but the general opinion is a different matter especially if they are trying to maintain a facade of acting on behalf and for the good of the community

"By your own logic i should not upvote any single whale since they seem to go after users they dislike"

Sorry I dont recall advising you to vote for any whales and also some are definitely more abusive than others

You missed my entire point buddy.

I'll put it down to the heat of the moment

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is an ugly situation. I believe all parties involved bear some responsibility. After all, it takes two people to have a disagreement. And, you've got people lining up and taking sides.

Although this is an interesting thing to watch (it's almost like watching a wrestling match or a competitive game) I do believe there are some platforms that are currently in development which will be exactly what you guys are looking for: a space-opera type of game where you buy tokens, fight over resources, craft and patent new items, and create smart contracts which have real consequences regarding monetary rewards with the scope of the game. And, those tokens will be able to be exchanged for other digital assets. So, how ruthlessly you play the game will actually reward you with real money.

What is the original intent and "spirit" of SteemIt? You could sum it all up with a few sayings but I will go with the simple promotion of, "Peace, Abundance, and Liberty."

Unfortunately for all Steemians, this kind of a battle over the "rewards pool" is somewhat of a side-show that gives our platform a big black eye. SteemIt is FOR promoting good content. The thing is, SteemIt allows for self upvoting. So, it's not all about "giving it away." It is also about growing your own stash, self-interest, and self-promotion. It is an interesting business model - one which I believe that even Dan Larimer himself no longer cares for. I've seen news of him talking about relaunching another social media platform on top of EOS, to become everything he wanted SteemIt to be, but isn't.

This shows me that that SteemIt is a temporary situation. I have always felt as if something in SteemIt were somehow "rigged" against the minnow, and there is no doubt that many Whales on SteemIt have been gaming everyone here, for as much profit as they can get, and keeping it on the low-down as much as they possibly can. It's too bad, really. It appears that even many of the 20 Witnesses fall into the category "corrupt self-upvoters." I suppose some level of corruption is inevitable, and SteemIt does have mechanisms in place for all users to have a vote and influence the direction of the platform - but the corrupted Whales do seem to have taken over control of SteemIt, making it a non-desirable place for me to invest very much money in.

As soon as Larimer launches his next social media platform on top of EOS - whatever he decides to call it - I will immediately exit SteemIt and go there. No doubt, he will incorporate the lessons learned from SteemIt into his new ideas. Hopefully, this kind of down-voting and horse-$#!t will be greatly reduced in his next project.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is exactly what I have intuited from what I've seen on Steemit even though I haven't delved deeply onto the mechanics of the platform. I've been watching for several months but not wanting to invest any time/energy/money into it because it seems like this is the seriously rigged game where the big whales literally profit of the contributions of the little guys voting and writing and posting. Can you explain specifically how this rigging occurs. Is it just by upvoting themselves or are there other tricks to it?

This is a real shame because the idea of a blockchain based social media platform is brilliant and has so much potential. Its said that it has turned into a Feudal society where a handful of people own everything and the masses toil to line the pockets of the lords. That is not something I want to participate in. I hope Larimer does launch a platform an EOS. Hopefully a less complicated one without 3 fucking tokens to make it work as well.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

To answer your main question, I see 4 ways SteemIt is rigged (although there may be more)

  1. Bots
  2. Creation of Alternate/Multiple accounts by the same person
  3. Vote-Buying
  4. Misuse of the DownVote

Some of these overlap in use and definition, but here's the rub: Whales can effectively upvote, self-promote, and otherwise rape the rewards pool in a way that is "behind the scenes," so as not to appear to be completely self-interested, maintaining the appearance of a "do-gooder" while chomping down on the minnows as if they were a Great White Shark.

Haejin is the current "black sheep" and target of the other whales because he's new to their game, they don't like the fact that he's beating them at their own game, and he does not go to extreme lengths to hide the fact that he's upvoting himself about 90% of the time. Since that is easy to see, it makes it easy for other whales to turn the masses against him - while they are doing the exact same thing, only they're much more covert about it.

But, again - none of this really matters to most Steemians, because you can make a minimal investment, participate, and EDUCATE YOURSELF about cryptos, trading, photography, or whatever your fancy happens to be.

Simply trading STEEM coins is just as legitimate an asset as any other token currently out there, if not more so, and you can buy massive amounts of it & trade it & take massive profits off of it - so long as you do not power it up and get it entangled in this social media flag battleground, where it take 13 weeks to power down and get it back out.

And, there's massive amounts of breaking news, tips, etc. for people who are just learning about cryptos. Once you learn how to broadly read the markets (bonds, NYSE), trade multiple digital assets, and do it with a plan that works (cutting losses short & letting winners ride up a bit) - then you will have learned a major skill-set which will serve you well. SteemIt is an excellent place to learn how to synthesize this kind of information and how to put it to use for yourself, making profits.

So, I'm not totally down on SteemIt. It is an awesome place. I just have no illusions about trying to become a whale on here and embroil myself with all of this B.S.

One more important point to make: current SteemIt rules allow for self-upvoting. This enable everyone to essentially use their Steem Power as an interest-bearing savings account, by choosing to use your steem power to grow it, like compounding interest. I believe that is a very legitimate use of anyone's steem power. However, you will run into whales who hate that - because it reduces their ability to receive even more payouts. So, the masses of Steemians have been conditioned, through peer pressure, to see self-upvoting and self-interest as being almost "evil." This is simply not the case. It completely blows my mind that you have people on this platform who are telling other people how they think they should be using their investment - not taking profits but giving it away to everyone else. Well, what if I have 8 mouths to feed? Or, I'm donating large amounts of money to help find cures for cancer? Who is anyone on here to judge anyone else for taking a profit? This is where the DownVote gets misused - people get downvoted for self-upvoting. In it's basic form, this can only be called "abuse." It is Economic Violence, a tactic used by some of the worst kinds of Sociopaths on earth to control other people. It has no place on SteemIt, IMHO.

Furthermore, the "Reputation" score on SteemIt is misleading. Some of the biggest @$$holes on the platform have 70+ Reputation. They are good at hiding behind their computer screens, but some of them fall well within the Sociopath/Psychopath category - as many of these types of people gravitate toweards the successful high-level, high-finance jobs.

So, it is not surprising, to me, that we find this kind of chaos and B.S. here on SteemIt. People with large amounts of money trying to use it to control the behaviors of everyone else. I find it best to steer clear of the battleground, pick up what useful nuggets I can find, and then do my own thing - trade cryptos and make a profit, and make my physical stacks of Silver and Gold even taller than they already are. Nobody on SteemIt can downvote my stacks. Really, once you learn how to take electronic money and turn it into real money - in your safe, at home, in your own pocket - everything else is just so much hot air. Almost every single "Trending" and "Hot" post only got there through the deployment of about $50 - $500 of buying promotion Bots, buying Votes, and self-upvoting through multiple accounts. In turn, this generates "HYPE" and interest from all of the minnows on SteemIt who go and upvote it further. This is where whales screw over minnows: it's not that they are producing better content, it's that they are generating much more hype and exposure for their posts. Anyone can do it, with a little bit of learning and a lot of time invested - it is not rocket science. I just don't have 8 hours a day to devote to writing a blog and worrying about the politics on SteemIt.

So, how big is your stack? I bet you that mine is bigger! :D
Good luck to you and thanks for the convo.

well said