Get FREE Byteballs today just for having a Steem account! $10-80 in free coins!!

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Did you know that as a Steem user you are eligible for free Byteball Bytes?

All Steem accounts with a reputation of 30 or higher and created prior to July 12, 2018 are eligible for free Byteball Bytes worth up to 160 USD based on your reputation:


Byteball Bytes are a cryptocurrency like Steem or SBD. You will get half of the Byteball Bytes now, the other half in one year from now. You can hold them or sell them for other (crypto)currencies, including Steem.

This is how you can claim your free Byteball Bytes:

1.) Download the Byteball wallet

Download the Byteball wallet using this link by clicking on the icon fitting your operating system:


2.) Install the wallet

Install the wallet like you would install any other program. Now open it. You can stick with the default options: Press Agree, Continue, Continue.

4.) Open the Steem Bot

Click on "Chat", "Bot Store", "Steem Attestation Bot" and "Add Bot".

5.) Submit your wallet address

Click the small icon at the bottom left and choose Insert my address (Small expenses wallet) and press the button with the "send" icon .

6.) Connect with Steemconnect

The bot now generates a link to Steemconnect. Click the link and sign in with your Steemit account.
If you have previously used Steemconnect, you can just click "continue", if not you will be prompted for your Steem username and key.

7.) Select "public" or "private"

Now you will get a message saying "Your steem username is..." from the bot. Click on either "private" or public". If you click "public", Byteball Bytes can be sent to you using your Steem username instead of your wallet address.

There is no longer a need to send me your address! You just need to follow the instructions above!

Thank you to the Byteballs team for fixing the referral system!

Any liquid or smart wallet bytes earned via referrals (minus funds for taxes) will be sold and used to purchase Steem.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Hey Bernie,

At the time of this reply you have liquid ove >15Gbye of bytes already.

So I'm guessing you probably have like 60Gbyte in cold storage for 1 year.

Please tell us you will sell some of your Bytes and buy know set example for all the little Steemians

I will use all of the liquid and smart wallet bytes to buy steem, minus what is owed for taxes.

Very Excellent! Good man you are Mr.Sanders!

Profits aren't for pussies.

I'm keeping my balls

Hillary is that you?


I don't understand why I would be Hillary, please explain?
By the way, my name is Joachim.

@berniesanders iv been on in 25 for as long as i remember, talk to me what am i not doing?

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  ·  last year Reveal Comment

I love you vote for me and I will pay you straight away

it's only for accounts created 12 July and older

Hello @dj123 what ca i do for 5$

Please say me how to do 500$ in a five day.

  ·  last year (edited)

Well you qualify for $10 worth of byteball

I would hold off and try to go for $40 if I were you, you probably have more than 5 days, make lots of post, hell use bid bots, try to do it at 1min mark to earn the curation as well as the post.

also since you bid is small, goto bots that have high % payout, and small bid total so you're not competing with the other Steemians going for bigger bots

Fuck!! I have been sleeping , lord forgive me

nice post boss

Is there any way I could get some help getting bumped up [from 49] to 50?
TIA ;)

Thanks @berniesanders, from a long-time follower ^_^

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow! It seems everybody that asked how they could get bumped up actually got their reputation bumped up. I am at (28). Somebody should help me.

  ·  last year (edited)

yay! thanks.

I also wanna be bumped up

Did some up-voting to try and help bump you up :) looks like it helped too! hahaha

Yeah!! it worked. thanks brother.

Happy to help!
Could always return the favor ;) I'm still at 49...

it would be great if i also get bumped up to 40 because im already on 35 and want to get $5 instead 2.5..

There's no such way. You will always be at 49. 50 is impossible.

Thanks for the unhelpful and unbacked remark -_-
Have anything to back this up? Or just trolling?

please am at 25 help me sir.

This is your first post and you are begging for rep?
You obviously have many accounts and trying to get them bumped so you can apply for Byteballs.

You are obviously doing something wrong in your life.

yeah bro you're right his account is suspicious

sir how can i increase my follower & Upvoting ?

That feeling when you have 59.949 reputation and it's 20$ difference. Anybody's willing to help a dude out? Will upvote back.
@berniesanders, a fraction of a vote by any chance? Congrats on restoring your own rep from the minus, by the way

UPD: Aww, shite! Didn't expect that for sure! Thanks everybody, I'm officially past 60 now! Will upvote back what I can as promised.

No more refferals?
That is wonderful

But I have some questions which i do need your help.
The byteball stored in a smart contract wallet will it be lost if I loose my device?

Assuming I have 5gb in the smart contract and I loose my device, then later get another one. Is there a posible way that i can get the bytes from the former device into the new one with my steem attested username?

The best solution is making a full back up of your byteball wallet. This will ensure your byteball and be able to open the same account in another device :)

Do you have screenshots of the steps to do that?

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

Problem is iam in 25 how to go for 30++++++

Use bid bot to boost your rep

What's bid bot? (I'm fairly new to steemit)


Me Also in 25...:(

This will not work for all now.

shoot me too lol

30 + is new demand now 🤟🏻

There’s you go, you’re 30 now. :)

I want to be 25 (yo) again :)
But please don't hit me "down"

If you are 25 and want to be 30, just wait 5 years.


i am in 25 too, so sad bro

see my latest video i give you idea

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

que sad :C

I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

See how easily problems can be solved when we have a helpful community.

I don't even know what you're talking about....... Please what is reputation? thank you

your reputation is 34 and you can get this airdrop , if you are interested knock me.

I'm interest but i have rp27.How.?

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ?

Thank u allllll👌👌🤜🙏🙏

Your problem is already solved.

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ?

If you have to ask this, you have a long way to go.

U have 30 now

I think its a problem for us not for you as you are with reputation 32

I got 34 one day back only

Have you invested in steemit? Or you use some other tips please share so that i too may gain more reputation...

I made a post about how to transfer it from your byteball wallet to your steem account. If I am overstepping here just tell me to piss off and I will delete it.

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

Hello. Thank you for your helpful tutorial.
Everything fine, except in Bittrex I can't change GBYTEs into Bitcoin - Clicking 'sell all' I get this error message -

The following errors were encountered:
Asks must be greater than .00000001 for limit orders
The minimum order size is .00050000
Please correct these issues and try again. ?

You need to fill in the amount to sell. I believe it is in tiny numbers by the sell button at the bottom. The amount you have that is.

Thank you.I will look again

I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

It was cool but a lot of money is being lost in the process.

It was cool but a
Lot of money is being
Lost in the process.

                 - eadasder

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lmfao, this is my favorite bot in all of town.

Plz vote my post

I'm still stuck on 26, ouch. Would love to get to 30 just to see how this works.

Thanks to the people who got me over 30. At this rate I might get to 40? :o

This Is Good Info Awsome Blog Sir Plz i need Help
My Rep just 39% I am new User On Steemit Best upvoter Commnts plz help me @berniesanders

Thanks For Helping :)

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ?

Lucky @piyars

Thanks Mam ,
so kind of you

U welcome

reputation is just 29%,help me :)

I bet you are wanting 40 now. :)

thank you everyone for support

hw d0 i get t0 the abve IeveI

Thanks for the update, I'm waiting to reach the 50 rep, I need only 0.2 😢
If you can help me I really appreciate

Tried my best.

Thank you guys! 😘

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

Doubt my upvote will help but I gave it a shot :)

Good luck man!

Earned more on this post than a week at my work. That's one reason to look up to you! :D

I am holding off until I reach 70 REP which is very close, I am at 68.8

Very close? I really doubt that. It becomes really difficult to get SP after you reach 60.

It is difficult as I don't remember the actual Date but I have been stuck in 68 REP for quite some time. It is increasing very slowly.

But I heard the Byteball giveaway had no Time Limit so I don't mind waiting for a while.

Byteball doesn't have infinite supply. When they reach the threshold, they most likely will stop the airdrop. But still, they have about 35% of the supply that hasn't been distributed yet. So, I am sure it will stay for quite some time but I really doubt it is infinite.

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

you can get your byteball now....or just wait for rep 40....yeah wait better $10 than $5

Don’t wait buddy. Just grab it while you can.

After using your invite (Thanks!), I started mining yesterday on my Mac, but the Merit Core app died and when I restarted it, it said that the blockchain was corrupted and that it needed two hours to rebuild it. Just something to be aware of for those who intend to mine.

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

@berniesanders dear I have fear about this airdrop . Is this will not be able to reach our account in future , beacause it will have our passward..?

Still to to take note that the acct need to register one year ago!!!

Not actually!

So we no longer have to pay 49000 bytes?

Someone with reputation 37 who registered today received just $2.5 instead of $5. Any reason why?

No fee anymore.
Because scammers were buying reputation, they changed it, so it would not be profitable thing to do anymore.

Man, I wish I saw this post sooner. I just started following @berniesanders so I won't miss another one. I know I'm late to the party but any help getting over 60 would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

Cool to see Byteball aggressively advertising on Steem. Advertising is a great application for Steem :)

I received some free bytes.

Thanks i will try it :)

Excellent and done, thank you.

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

I would to participate but Am not eligible because my reputation is just 29
But all the same it a good thing your doing @berniesanders

It's really a very nice show, my friend
I will definitely participate
Make a profit😍😍

this is really greate news make steem online big offer

@roselover its a best time to gain profit :)

i have less reputation but i know that i cant buy byteballs can you give me another tip or trick it wil helpfull for many others?

Everywhere is bytballs. Peoples are mad about bytball

Check your Discord DM.

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

thanks cuz

Thank you for the clear instructions. By the way, reputation of 68? How long was I away😂

If me rep is 45 right now i get 10$ worth of bytball's and the other 10$ i will get in 1 year if i am not mistaken?

Please, help.
What should I do next?
Image34234 1.jpg

Some updates regarding this :

  1. There had been updates to the program and users with accounts created after 12 July are not eligible.

  2. Rewards are halved for score up to 40.

All details here:

Looks like, this airdrop was launched in hurry without doing proper planning. They had to change the rules in just few days.

They will have to make a number of changes in future as well. Should have planned it in better way.

My reputation as of the moment was 38.9 hope you could help me grow it to 40 so I can claim my byteball :)

Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

I know some friends help you...

You are not eligible as you created the account after 12 July.

thx man, got 20$ today, the other half is in 1 year.
benevolent efforts

sir i have 25 Reputation only how can i increase this ? help me sir

Now you have 30 rep, buddy :)

Not Bad. Can you exchange that to steem?

Byteballs -> BTC -> Steem

A lot will be lost in this process and again when you are going to sell that steem.