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We need to fund developers that are independent of Steemit, inc. and I will contribute towards this goal.

I say what needs to be said.

Our current witnesses do VERY LITTLE to support Steem and simply line their own pockets.

Many of our current witnesses use their witness income to delegate to bid bots, rather than building the Steem ecosystem.

I'm fun to follow.

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Our current witnesses do VERY LITTLE to support Steem and simply line their own pockets.

It would be nice if you could verify such a claim, especially one as big as that. Because I know for a fact a few witnesses do more than just line their pockets.

One such witness is @ausbitbank who is supporting Steem in many different ways. Another witness who actually contributes code is @timcliff and then you have @blocktrades which provides an invaluable service and supports different projects.

Then you have @yabapmatt who is doing fantastic work on @steemmonsters and building something truly impressive.

We can't forget @aggroed who founded the Minnow Support Project which aims to help minnows succeed on Steemit and has done a lot to help this platform.

And we can't forget @curie who for obvious reasons is doing so much for this platform, thanks to them I've made a few hundred in upvotes.

Oh, then you have @utopian-io who once more is rewarding open source contributions, code contributions, design, translation, tutorials and more. Thanks to Utopian I've also made a few hundred in upvotes thanks to my contributions.

And we can't forget all round nice guy @themarkymark who clearly isn't a greedy witness either. He recently announced the Steem Global Blacklist API.

Another witness @arcange created the wonderful SteemSQL product which costs 10 STEEM per month and allows you to query the Steem blockchain using SQL queries. Founder of @steemitboard and SteemToolbar.

Sure, there might be some witnesses who don't give back as much, but to say the current witnesses do very little is a huge cop out and although I am not a witness, it's a little insulting to those who do give back, don't you think?

I am curious, if you were elevated to a higher witness position, what are you going to do differently? I've seen you resteem projects like @comedyopenmic and a couple of others, you've been pretty supportive of @steemmonsters and run a couple of competitions, but heaps of people support those projects too.

I think you need to make a stronger case, especially when you're putting down other witnesses. Are you going to contribute to the Steem codebase, what will you do differently, what are some reasons that people should vote for you as witness?

Not being aggressive here, I am been straight to the point and honest with you. So I hope you appreciate the honesty of this comment.


He said "many" not "all"


I'd love to see this kind of report on all top witnesses monthly or so.

I'd also like to hear what Bernie has done with his time here on Steem since he is calling everyone else out for lack of effort. With the stake he's got, I'm sure the length of the list will be envied by many who wish to call themselves steem supporters.


@igster Oh man, i'm your copy, hiiii


A monthly report on what witnesses have been up too is a great idea, that's fantastic @igster - Not from a micromanaging perspective, it's just clear that many are not aware of all of the good things that a few of the witnesses actually do and I think it would also help people decide who they should vote for as well. Because who knows who the good witnesses are and who are not unless you go and do the arduous research (which many understandably wouldn't).


I'd think Witnesses would even like to reward this kind of blog as it would make good witnesses not having to defend their position all around Steem when, as you said, people don't know what they've done are questioning their place.


Yup. Thank you! We don't need so much hostility around here, and you just made an awesome point.


I just clicked the button... Voted!

I agree that there are a few witnesses that I'm not certain what they are even doing. And seem to be there from the beginning doing... I don't know what.

What's your plan, Bernie? Just you alone doesn't seem enough to face off the top 20 and oust @freedom and @ranchorelaxo out of their combined stakes.

I've voted for you a few months back, but there's so much opposition. The current situation is starting to feel very discouraging.


I agree 100% with @enforcer48 you also have my vote and support currently.
I am very discouraged about the future of steemit. Price is not so much a problem, but the amount of openly abusive behaviour that occurs. Trying to think of long term its hard to see a future for steemit under current system of things.
Seems most of us are here just for the show and regardless of how hard we work to make steemit better there is no return for our efforts.

Return in community respect or in real value for the amount of effort put forth.

Thanks for bringing up this subject for all to ponder!


Lets PUSH!


His vote, along with very few others, determine the Top 20. Without them, you get stuck somewhere near us.

ok bosss

im doing that bro!

I already did...

Hey Burnie...

Should you and other top witnesses not setting price feed bias percentages, with a SBD Debt Ratio at 6+% ... there is to much steem being printed.

Or is it that you and the witnesses know this and play dumb? Because at 10% the SBD floor will be gone, and a bail-in is just what you guys want so that users and community be pickpocketed?

Who else is going to pay to bring that 15+ million SBD Debt down? Who is going to burn it?

Looking forward to your answer.

what is he contributing?

not sure if it's me, has anyone noticed a fair few have given up on the site, maybe due to the price decline, and the hassles of the miscreants

i barely have SP, will my vote have any effect ?

It's voted done

I like how you yell at the developers.. at least @ned responds occasionally.

Dude, I voted for you back when you had to type that shit in.

oh yes! i was right on what i had think when i upvoted @nextgencrypto last month!

I just did the right thing,thank you for giving us these more information about @nextgencrypto sir @berniesanders


Voy a hacerlo, ya mismo. @berniesanders Listo!

@nextgencrypto has got my vote. I am one of the people who are very dissatisfied with the status quo and would love to see some changes.

Would you recommend everyone make you the proxy for their witness votes? After all, you know where all the bots are buried.

Voted. You're Whale cum.

I’m not @berniesanders, but I approve this message.

You said so i am done buddy

You also happy me i think.😁😁😁😁😁

I say what needs to be said.

This is only one of the many reasons why I have voted for your witness! Keep up

You timed this post well fella...

I vote for you since you say what needs to be said , not always but most of the times.

Lot of witnesses doing this they didn't help the community to growth instead of this they make money...

Sir Done I voted

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The Church of Piglet approves this message.

That could well be counterproductive, but we do anyway.

Yes, I already had voted for him.

I'm all for some diversity. Giving you a vote now.

I voted for @nextgencrypto ago 3 months back


Ki dhon marka post dai.

So, what makes this guy so special compared to other choices out there? You say he is independent of Steemit, but what does that mean? Do a lot of the witnesses work for Steemit? I'm not that informed about this issue.


The witnesses do not work for Steemit.

All of the developers who contribute to the blockchain are employed by Steemit. That is a problem. There is no independent development outside of STINC.


About 99% accurate. There are a few. @timcliff and myself have made contributions, with tim's being submitted to HF20. So it isn't impossible.

The scary thing is spending time contributing to a new feature or some bigger change than just a number and it being rejected or just not enough support to be adopted. Then that time for the developer is just a waste as far as income.

That's why it seems like most people want to make their own app/project and hope they get some free SteemIt, Inc delegation to use to pay their staff.

I voted for you there because you are a bit of craic(Irish for laugh). Now enter my premiership football last man standing contest on my blog and tell the masses!!

You've got my vote !!!

Hi @berniesanders I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

I just clicked the mentioned-link & Voted !! :)


You're right about a lot of witnesses just delegating bid bots and not helping anyone.

You got a 38.50% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @ngc!

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your fourth tag is hilarious!!

Are you not running bid-bots at present Bernie?

sorting the right witness is a way of enjoying a good thing especially if the sakdi has a clear program like an application that supports to work for example @ good-karma with esteem. thank you for sharing witness

Already voted for witness.

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It's just a stupid bot that uses automation to attempt to flag self voters. Spread some votes out a little and it won't target you. Definitely not a reason to quit Steem or to even really be bothered too much.


Yeah... I will do that. Just hate how it operates. I usually Upvote others 50% but had limited internet last week and was upvoting my photography for a few days.

Hello @berniesanders
Do you help me in steemit because I'm new in steemit.

I have upvoted

Don't know about the rest but the last line is true enough for me. :)

I think I already have as well. Please make sure to link to more than just the voting system. People should be able to think and research for themselves to make a decision.

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I had not voted for that witness. After finding him I decided to spend a vote. Thank you for the heads up

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Profoundly agreed; when project time allows, I, too, will be investigating the possible resource costs of starting a witness node.

Too bad I can only vote you once :(

I voted you as 1of my 4 Witnesses. Please fix Steemit ....


stopped at
Have my account now been seized by the dark side or did I do something good?
Only did it because of the recommendation from Mr. Sanders, have watched a lot of argumentation from him in various discussions where I will say that I strongly agree but had been too afraid to say so because of fear of reprisals from the opponent.
Can we just say that the tone was not casual chat in some of them so that does scare away plankton as me.

Good work ..
Why??are not asking ?

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sir nice article with a great message thank you for posting such good blogs

Absolute right we should vote to witnesses to build up steemit community strong