@doodlebear says I have only 10 days left on Steemit!

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Uh oh!!!

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Dayum I really triggered @abusereports with that comment, spam flagging me lmfao, gotta love this place.

Whoever owns that account, keep flagging me, you are wasting your voting power on someone who literally couldn't care less about rewards on here or reputation.

Ah It's @berniesanders that owns it, it's too bad he is not man enough to admit to it though. Not sure why he would spam flag me for agreeing with him either. But yeah you can go fuck yourself, I held back but no more, you are a reward pool rapist just like @Haejin. You have hundreds of accounts with tons of steempower on them, and what content do you produce? Absolutely nothing.

Anyways, no more support from me in the fight against @Haejin, i'll just down-vote you from now on instead, it won't hurt you much at all but I won't be flagged for nothing and not retaliate in some form :)

You bore me.

You have serious mental health issues.

common sense isn't very common in this world.

🖖 live long a prosper.

Except the morons..

So many spammers and douchebags on this platform its amazing, so many damn selfish whales who self vote and annoying spammers from india and nigeria who beg for upvotes or straight up just ask for a donation (true story), but that is exactly why I am not taking this stuff seriously anymore...even though I am 14 myself, there are people who are adults and act like 5 year olds on here...Sad.

Hello @alex-icey, nice to Steem you! :-) Yes, on one hand you're right, expressing a mature attitude and serenity towards our life events doesn't AT ALL depend on our age.

On the other hand, we must remember that, due to its worldwide range and popularity, and to its very marketing stance ("Come for the money, stay for the community"), Steemit is creating a mirror of the current international inequalities, even in its rewards distribution. Have you calculated how many Indians, Nigerians or even Venezuelans (they are many active ones here) have become whales, or have made it to the 100 most rewarded Steemit bloggers? Almost no one. And their countries are just the ones where sometimes earning 5 bucks is what makes the difference between life and death...

i m high !!!! can u give me somee weeed... i had so much of shit today :p

What is the moron?))

@doodlebear is the moron.

noun informal
a stupid person.


We are the Borg! Lower your shields and surrender your ships kind of warning ..rofl

I wish I only had 10 days left on Steemit. Could you put in the good word for me? I want to leave, too.

Haha. You are a lifer bro

You know what they say to @dougpolkcrypto, there are some "dangerous young people in crypto". lol

haha, of course not possible to do it

I guess it's time to say goodbye :O

Bernie, better be careful or else he will use his ~1.2 to 1.3 Mvests to flag you... Don't you (or at least didn't you) have a GVest or two?

Well, he's probably making this threat because he has a whale on his side. At least you'd think.

I am certain lots of whales would want to take out bernie/randowhale, however I think few would be stupid enough to really do it, in my opinion.

How did you get -17? Lol

He is fighting for a better Steem community and he got quite some flags in the process

I think it was @dan who originally destroyed bernie's rep.

i don't really know it. i'm rather new to this...

Yea most of the people here dont know this crap. Sorry you got dragged into politics now buddy :D

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dear,sir how did get it???

please sir you upvote me very much

Hahsha 10 days? Lol never, you're one of the the most interesting people here, you're popular man, and you're Robin Hood justice lol,
We love you despite all and everything. You deserve to be here

How does ones steemit account become gone? This is getting cereal. So what happens on the 11th day when you're still here? Does he eat his foot?

Whats he waiting for?lol

Apparently his plan is to take out @randowhale... LOLOL

just for the record.. he has nothing to do with me.. it's also interesting why a minnow is going to such great lengths to basically pick a fight he cannot win - another one bites the dust

shakes head at the idiot.

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I dont understand what's moron?lol

Just stick around on Steemit for a little while,
you will find plenty of morons here :P
something something donkeys and asses :D

No person or fucking god should be able to delete your account

Where is this from? steem.chat?

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With a comment like that, how can you not be.

Uhm... Let me tell you this first, who's side you on? @doodlebear? Cuz that would make you special... 2. Why would you give a shit about my comment? Did it affect u? 3. I said ...special to shortened what im going to say to @doodlebear. How's that wrong?

Woah you can respond?! Sorry, I'll be on my way.

whoa guys "truce" lol @yesaye @earisu

You just love finding moments to promote yourself, doncha? 😂

Im caught. Truce. lol


what else are we suppose to do on this stupid platform.

Buy upvotes. Flag unnecessarily. Post plagiarised content. Hmm what else?

I need a contact with @berniesanders.
Would you mind give me an audience.?
I'm @bob-elr #8524 on discord.

Would be an honour to receive a chat from you @berniesanders cos all efforts to reach you in there don't work.

Please answer my question as I don't understand why I received 9 flags?


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1 SBD refund sent. Do not use @randowhale again - you will receive no refund and only downvotes.

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Sorry I missed your response, it was hidden.

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Are you ready to acknowledge that although you disapprove of my tactics, you agree with my message? I know you're not as ignorant as doodledumdum...

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Cool, enjoy dying of cancer.

Just give up dude. Stop being emasculated by every comment on this stupid platform.

Holy shit this guy is dumb ahahaha.

Preventing suicides with a "strong air blower" I have heard it all now on here.