Do NOT vote for witness @nextgencrypto!

in steem •  8 months ago

Rather than give the list myself, I'll let you guys comment with all of the reasons I should NOT be voted for as a witness!

Have fun!

(NO flags will be given out on this post, UNLESS I don't like you.)

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What I like about Steemit, is that I am allowed to vote for whoever I want to vote for as a witness. I vote manually and carefully select the witnesses I vote for. My votes are based on what I personally believe is contributions in some sort.

No matter how angry you can be or how much I disagree with certain things or statements you've made sometimes, and even though you never publish amazing photos from exotic places and no matter your "rants" or "attack"-type of posts... I vote for you.

I vote for you because I truly believe that you are doing what you believe is for the best. And I think that deserves credits.

I have said this many times before. I don't always agree with you or how you do certain things, but that doesn't change the fact that I still believe that you are doing it to secure and protect your investment.

You might have a billion dollars or whatever. You might not care about a million dollars or two. Perhaps you wipe your a$$ with hundred dollar bills. I don't know and I don't care about any of that. - What I care about, is the passion I can see between the lines and behind your actions.

That is why I vote for you... And I guess others don't vote for you for the same reasons, because we interpret things differently.


I thought there was a secret sentence hidden in there what with all those sporadic bold words. lol


... Now lets see..... Lets go Deeper

You are still like whoever truly disagrees, like contributions and passions. Always

Any other suggestions @yeysaye?


Passion and contributions always disagree truly like you-
Ah fuck it.


I like that one wtf someone was definitely better at professor layton that me :(


And I definitely didn't rage quit nor break my NDS once.


Ahaha yes


"I vote for you because I truly believe that you are doing what you believe is for the best. And I think that deserves credits."


No, it does not.

Intent is WHOLLY FUCKING irrelevant.


Intent is WHOLLY FUCKING irrelevant.

I do understand what you mean, but I can't say that I agree.
If intent is irrelevant, I'd probably have to change most of the witnesses I vote for. And I guess most Steemians would have to change them as well.

I know that voting for a witness is not the same thing as voting for my favorite authors, but I'm looking for people I believe are doing good things. Not only for the blockchain but for our community as whole.

So to me, intent is very relevant.

Cuz you haven't participated in the Comedy Open Mic contest even after all the nominations. lulz
Really though, hope you do consider entering. Would love to see your actual funny side. Stuff you find funny etc.

Also, no actual reason why nextgencrypto shouldn't be a witness.
You could support minnows with some upvotes every now and then maybe? That'd help in growing the community good.

because you don't upvote my shit

Other than that, I think you're too rash when you deal with criticism by destroying accounts like you do. It's not the best quality if you want to campaign as a witness.

Question for you Bernie, I remember reading a while ago someone make the suggestion of voting not only for, but against a witness.

Meaning that a witness could be voted down by someone else's SP. What are your thoughts on this?


``The suggestion of voting not only for, but against a witness. Meaning that a witness could be voted down by someone else's SP . . .''

This opens the door to some negative strictly dominant strategies. The top witnesses currently earning are incentivized to downvote other witnesses. Trust may be harmful but that might lead to too much distrust.


I guess that is possible, but I suspect it would not be to different from let's say flags on posts today. There are repercussions to acting with aggression.

Here is my point and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is thinking about this. There are many dead witnesses who still have heavy votes on them, as a matter of fact some of these witnesses have not been active for over a year, they don't run servers, they don't exist, there are ghosts from the mining days I'm told.

I speculate that they exist only to work as levers against certain witness positions, meaning that witnesses like @sircork and @ura-soul for example could purposely be pushed down in the list by keeping these ghost witnesses positions in zombie mode.

Why would I say such a crazy thing? Because some of the big votes that are given to these dead witnesses come from big accounts, people that know they are dead, super users that know better. This list of zombie voters include other witnesses.

I accept that there might be another explanation out there, I just can't think of one and I've been trying to wrap my head around this whole thing for a while now.

So why downvote witnesses?

It could help clean up the rankings by removing the zombies, hence make the playing field a little more fair. Would this eliminate closed door deals, corruption? Possibly not, no such thing as a perfect system, but maybe it would be enough as to allow people who are working towards the health of steem a better fighting chance at making a living doing so.

Just sharing my two cents for anyone who might not know about this.


Why not vote for @nextgencrypto? It's not like all the other witnesses are doing much more contributing to the platform, are they?

Yeah well, maybe they would say they are. But I can hardly notice it.


I don't think you look hard enough then.

But even for all I, for one, do and for all I believe contribution and presence are critical in witnesses, our only actual obligation is to keep a server turned on.


Something I reiterated too. Witnesses witness blocks. That's their primary job.

Because voting for you or other whales / witnesses is very risky. The FBI could be knocking on my door if I did...

Don't believe me?, then listen to this podcast from yesterday...

WTF!!! What is wrong with steem? or should I say steem-it?


There are things wrong with Steemit, but save for a few valid points here and there, Tone makes a pretty bad case in that podcast.


Agree. I forgot to /sarc my comment.


Yeah, I meant my comment more as a general comment.


information received ! thank you for providing the data.

Trying to make this as helpful as I can:

  1. You are making decisions too fast, not taking the time to really understand their entire implications. Example: you read part of a comment in a discussion/post in which you are involved and flag it before being sure that the post you have flagged was not actually on your side. We both know that this happened before, and it may happen again.

  2. You take some aggressive approach. Example: Instead of motivating people to create good content which shows effort and brings value to the platform, you focus on flagging people who do not produce valuable content. What is wrong with this approach is the fact that when you are flagging, you make sure that the person who has been flagged does not take so much from the reward pool, but the other reward pool rapists will have increased profits now, taking a bigger part of the pie.

  3. You are powering down, giving a pretty bad example to the other steemians, but I can't disagree with this, because I don't know you and your reasons behind this. You may not believe in the value of Steem or you may just be in a need of money.

  4. You do not take the time to give complete/proper answers to people in the comment section of your posts that are asking you pertinent questions (although I have to admit that this has improved over the time and that you may be too busy to do this).

  5. It is still a little bit shady for me, as for many other new users who are you, why have you got to minus 18 (or below?) reputation and what principles are you trying to defend. On the other side, your reputation is increasing and I am sure that it will become positive in a very short time because of the logarithmic scale.

I hope you see that I am just trying to point out some things which can be improved and ask you for your imput about them.

It will be nice to see what vision do you have about Steem and also why should people vote for you. Work on the positive logic :)

Have a nice day!


Upvoted for visibility.


From what I've read, @ned is the reason he got to -18 rep.


I heard that too, but a post describing the whole story and the reasons behind it would definitely remove the mister behind it and increase new users confidence in him.

What you asked is from your perspective. But the very first question someone would ask is why should they vote someone for witness. Your work for the reward pool does not really matter for a minnow. Its like a battle between you and other whales.

I would recommend you start an initiative to reward good people. You may even keep just 25 percent for this and 75 percent for fighting, but that will matter a lot to the minnows.

Oh, I see what you did there! :)

I voted for @arcange recently what do you think of them? I'm surprised that you are not a witness already tbh @berniesanders...

i'm bias cause I'm probably too easily impressed, once there was a guy name @berniesanders who came by and upvote me like a shekels and slap me with an satirical comment at the same time, it pique my curiosity so i started following that dude.

then i realize he's the flagger of choice, stood his ground, told you when he didn't like you or what you're doing, he did behavorial modification via flags and comments, then it got me thinking, i like this, it's weird but he's got a point somewhere here

alright then, lets see why bernie should not be a witness, no reasons really, really there should be as many witnesses as possible, heck he should in the top 20 even why....why not? well he'll probably write flag bots for everyone to use......and if nothing more, he'll make all the other witnesses humbled in realizing that we will always need real people here in Steemit and not just a bunch of suckup to Steemit Inc

ok other reasons why i didn't unvote him as witness in my list of witnesses.

  • swelling head goes down fast
  • he changes his smelly socks
  • sense of humor, go check @comedyopenmic - see round 1
  • he doesn't flag forever, oh well, a Steemian can hope for good drama
  • looks great in red, orange, whatever colors he crosses with these days

hey if you need a laugh bernie, swing by #comedyopenmic, some of the funny entries need some flags....ahem...i mean some up-votes from you.

@haejin/ @ranchorelaxo and @freedom/ @pumpkin don’t vote for @berniesanders/ @nextgencrypto. Doesn’t matter who you vote for with voting blocks like that.

@nextgencrypto obviously doesn't do shit for the community... I mean, i can't believe he doesn't go against all those spammers and reward rapists like @Haejin. Definitely does not give a shit about the community at all... whatsoever. And not to mention he didn't make @flagawhale or @abusereports.

I cannot believe this guy.

Or is he one of the only ones that give a shit?


Hi @branbello,

You forgot the /s for sarcasm. ;)

Also to clarify a couple things...

I believe he and @emrebeyler created @abusereports as a joint effort. He provided the bounty for the script and @emrebeyler delivered.

Also, I started @flagawhale; however, Bernie has been instrumental in his upvote support of said project. Had it not been for him and other whales, Haejin and company would have likely destroyed the account by now. It's been really cool providing something that helps others getting something back for fighting abuse and making it a bit more fun with the RPG elements.

@berniesanders, thanks for that by the way. Looking forward to continueing the project and fighting more blockchain bullshit. I know it isn't much but you have my vote.


Thanks for clarifying some things!

I knew Bernie and someone else co-created @abusereports. Just didn't know who the other party was, thank you.

I was under the impression Bernie was @FlagAWhale as a few people from "The Resistance" discord told me it was Bernie but after checking it's clearly your username. That was the only thing I was going off of there ( I knew he was a huge supporter though).

many witnesses are concerned only with personal interests. even there are witnesses who have become bid bots.

Don't know man there are some useless witnesses in rank 20 , but besides the rewardpool correction I don't think you did much too however I beleive you are sincere

I think I want to vote @berniesanders for witness. Just 'cause.

I'm just trying to understand Steemit, what you are doing and why, I see that some people love it and others hate it, I personally think that more attention and action should be given around logistics or distribution, I would love to see more information from you, thanks!

You shouldn't be voted for witness just because you spend more time than most kicking ass and taking names.
You shouldn't get a vote because with your -16 rep it seems a little ridiculous, the butthurt must have been strong to vote you so low..
No vote for you because you have a great deal of alternate accounts. Bullshit, I have a few too so that is pretty douchey for me to say.

Law enforcement like FBI.. Cops.. the role you played here in this platform.. But sometimes FBI or any other law enforcement.. they didn't cooperate with each settle the cases..cheers

My vote is my witness is yours. Nice to be responsive

Beliefs and impression, all these matters

Because you flag innocent people. Even when they are also against @haejin. So how smarty are you then?

And because you never give any serious answer.

I should actually check if I have you my vote. I would, since I think you have a few good points. And some trolling is always good so now and then.

I think i will vote for you in the witness :)

great job,,thanks

At least you try :)

Well I hope you like me , you can keep my witness vote.

Ok, I'm giving the exact opposite of what you are asking for, and actually saying why you SHOULD be witness.

I'm going to be blunt, we need more people downvoting. It's no secret that the top witnesses earn a great deal of sp each day. Instead of using it for voting bots or upvoting people, it should also be used to flag as well. You clearly see the abuse going around, while it seems like some of these witnesses just sit back and watch scammers abuse the system. So either we need you as witness, or we need someone with a shit ton of money to get alot of so to tackle this problem head on. That's why you have my vote

Well @berniesanders i am doing just u said.....
I m not gonna be a witness and this is my support to you..

But in response you should give upvote to minnows and give us hope.........
Then we are gonna do anything for yeah

Because you flag supreme lord above all haejin

The thing is,that the most is on the trending page,because the people like it.
And "conspiracy theories"(Or however it's written in english :D ) is (When on a philosophical base et cetera) very interesting.So there is a risk,that you take not just the bad things but things that keeps steem interesting for some people too.
On the other hand,in my opinion what represents steem is its good and strong community.

Really,, why?

Bernie helped us start the @steemcleaners project and also @curie and backed these up! We all know how much the platform has benefitted over time from these initiatives. Just dropping it here because this is pretty much forgotten history at this point and needs to be remembered. :)

I will cast my vote to witness if the witness contribute greatly to the platform and those who always reply to small fish questions not with pride. if you register an account for a witness then I will vote my vote now. name it here. i like people like you on this platform. which always leads the user in the right direction. thanks so much


Right there in the title: @nextgencrypto


you are one of those people who always oppose damage in this platform. please let me know. which witness is the most suitable for us to choose.

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Power should only bestowed on those that dont seek it,...

You have my vote and I'm not changing it.
Thanks for shaking things up when they need to be shaken!!

I was actually going to vote you as witness, I have so much trust in you. Because of that trust I decided to follow your advice and not vote you.

Because as long as I have supported you in general to people, often verbally on the radio, or in print or in comments, and as long as I have voted for your witness... you STILL don't vote for mine.

But I do it anyway, cause I still think you are the best show in steem business.

Witness #70 - even without Bernie/NGC's vote. :|


This comment brought me down.


Feel free to DM me why, if you don't want to elaborate here.

Already voting @nextgencrypto. Too lazy to remove vote.

I was just thinking about your witness project.
It seems to me the main problem you have is the echo chamber of idiots around you.

steady let us share the goodness of love in reply with love @ tasier22

steady let us share the goodness of love in reply with love @tasier22