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Jerry was planning on creating one: JBC.


I saw that idea go from HERO to ZERO in about 30 seconds
when a wise old steemian told Jerry he could be jailed and fined...



Lovely work sir

Well of course, there's the Steembird token & the Steembird Classic token..there's also the Steembird Hotline token and our Crypto-Babes token. We've got a few more planned lol.

SMTS (a Shitcoin Machine)

We're actually pro SMT despite this Song!

There's a lot of "potential" SMTs. Probably best to wait and see who actually produces anything and who just talks about it.

If someone comes up with a link please tag me in it and any relevant posts, I want to be up to date with everything going on with steem

I want to find out why steem isn't on BRD wallet @berniesanders


well I am still mad about the fact BRD still has yet to add segwit 😔
BRD disappoints me alot...


Why should bRd wallet add Steem?

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so I can buy right on their app and send to steemit


Guess they are skeptical of Steem

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I haven't seen any compiled list, so far. The only alleged one I know of is @actifit. Oh yeah, and wasn't @appics intending to do it as well? I'm not really in the loop, I guess.

I don't no

You would think it should be a great marketing opportunity to showcase all the upcoming SMT projects waiting in the wings... Why hasn't the Steem marketing team/person jumped on this and promoted a list?

No, amigo, aún no poseo mucha información de eso. Solo conozco el Steem y Sbd jaja
No, friend, I do not have much information on that yet. I only know the Steem and Sbd haha @berniesanders

That's a great idea!

We need a Steemit page dedicated to SMTs!!

I'm waiting :-)

In "Steempeak" we can see the latest analysis of all our information. a new way to stay up to date with steemit

I know @tokendesknews which just launched today is going to be keeping track of SMTs and they are on SteemPress too here.

a very extraordinary question.


Your comment is more extraordinary. And my reply to you is the most extraordinary. Lol

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thank you for responding to my comments



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I didn’t even know anyone had any announced.
I want to do a gaming one.


I want to do a prediction market one

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Don't bother looking at them, I just lost all my byteball for not backing up. Darn!

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Who's waiting till March? I am going to join Smoke, the main net will be launched soon.

I don't really know much about the subject.

We never how SMTs will gonna be, just keep Steem and carry on.

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I know a couple or so.

teardrops by @surpassingoogle

air-coin by @nairadaddy

Forgotten the others though
Why do you need them??

It really intersting to know that which "SMTs" are comimg next. I also searching...

Hy I need +11 rep my rep (29) plz help I will join bytball

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I have a whole swarm of "Hunt Tokens" which are just reserved with the project. About 20,000 or so. I have heard of 2 or 3 more, but I have not tabulated any kind of list, Sorry Bernie.
I'd like to at least get in on as many freebies as I can. Hunt Tokens are worth 10¢ "internally" meaning that they net 10¢ each when used to buy Steem Hunt Promoted Products. But that could just be a crafty combination of discounted pricing and inflated token values. Plus, the products are also discounted 90% for the hunters. I saw a "really nice" Drone Package, listed as $1,200 MSRP, 90% discount, $120 net pricing, and available for only 1,200 Hunt Tokens It might only be a $120 value drone anyway, but I have no way of knowing. I'd prolly sell ALL my Hunt Tokens for half-price right now, or a Nickel each! lol
Can't even find that again, odd...
Good one here: LOL


I have high hopes for Hunt tokens as well. I see 10 cents as a minimum price a year from now and I believe we could even see 1$ at some point.


I'm prolly gonna HODL, an see what happens myself. I was laying out the "worst case scenario" above, thinking that the 10¢ price is a bit of a machination. One can certainly make the case that it IS just a promoted price point, because the market has not been allowed to seek it's own price yet. Still to early, the tokens are not tradable. If there was an exchange set up on internal market, we'd see some speculation I am sure :)

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I saw what you did there with those tags.

One of the upcoming ones even have launch date May 1, 2019 in their whitepaper.