I Love Steem & EOS.....oh and how could I forget, Bitshares

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Why do I love them? I love them because they are attempts to learn to deploy blockchain technology in such a way that everyone on Earth can feel the effect of and be included within a system of integrity. They represent the vision that everyone can be free, the only vision worth pursuing and the only iteration of blockchain technology worthy of our will to succeed, our commitment, our time and our trust.

There are sides in this struggle. They are delineated by those who believe in freedom for all and those who believe in freedom for some. It's a small distinction when written down in a sentence, but the effects are monumental.

Blockchains represent a very real battle for our collective humanity. Perhaps even the survival of our species, relative to our pace of progress. If enough of us work together, we have a chance to usher in an age of peace, abundance, love, healing, knowledge, truth.....true civilisation. Or, should we fail, an age of merciless dominion....or as George Orwell put it...

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face....forever."

We must set aside unhealthy notions of competition, like that between communities forming around different projects, certainly those that genuinely seek to set us free. Divide and conquer is the primary weapon used by those that want freedom for some. Let's not do the job for them. Instead, let's collaborate and include whenever possible. Competition is welcome as part of a rational excersise to discover efficiency and adaptation, but we must be careful to resist tribal instincts that appeal to our emotions and form barriers.

What's not to love about Steem, Bitshares & EOS? We should all be part of it all.....as are most whales who sensibly hedge their bets.

  • Steem.....one of the highest performance blockchains in the world, hosting arguably the greatest dapp ever to exist.

  • Bitshares....one of the highest performance blockchains in the world, hosting arguably the greatest decentralised exchange ever to exist.

  • EOS.....arguably the blockchain project with the highest potential to deliver the greatest vision for blockchain technology yet conceived.

Blockchains assume that we humans can agree on a few, maybe a lot, of critical things. If that is true, we most certainly have the potential to be one great, global community. Sure there are superficial differences but at our core, we are the same. That which is most important to me, is most important to you, to everyone. We all have a lot more in common than we sometimes like to admit. Is that surprising when so much of what we learn, is a cocktail of violence and lies?

Anyway, during these formative years for blockchain we must try to preserve community and capital, following the tech to wherever it shows the most promise in fulfilling it's potential to provide freedom for all.

Happy Steeming

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I sure can't disagree with anything you've said here in principle. As we see often, all too often, in the real world, however, great principles get subsumed by the drive of some parties to personally profit.

This is why government has become oppression, rather than mutual defense.

While blockchain may have some resistance to the profiteer syndrome, nothing people do is immune to human frailty. We see how BCC has been a scam, and I'm certain that many people honestly saw only good in BitConnect. Unfortunately, those people lost their money when the scammers took off with it.

Therefore it is necessary to be vigilant to the personnel involved in blockchain endeavors, and careful examination of the things they are doing and saying will need to be undertaken to ensure that no such profiteers render such potential for good as they have to be perverted as has government itself.

Two examples of things I think are of concern are how stake-weighting VP centralizes control of the blockchain on Steem, and questions about the history of Brock Pierce of EOS.

Thanks for this great post!


I completely agree that any potential weaknesses around individuals and systems that damage their ability to act with integrity need to be challenged. The best way to do that is with careful, balanced research and evidence. Brock Pierce is innocent until proven guilty in my eyes but scrutinising people in positions of influence and responsibility is absolutely necessary and should come as no surprise to them.

I agry with you. steem is most useful to us..


Thank you, that makes me very happy.

Thanks for keeping our spirits up.


I love steem, Im also very fond of bitshare and the exchange. EOS I have much to learn, seems right now is a developers space and not much to to know if you are not in that space. But holding some eos anyways cos the devs keep telling me how hot it is :-)


Sounds like a good idea to me!

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I've always been a fan of the Steem-osphere since I knew about it and for me

Steemit is the greatest growling engine of change

Glad to know you do love these Blockchains and their idea of decentralising the offline and making the world a better place.
I certainly do love these great ideas and will take time to research on the EOS as I still lack the know how of how it really works.

Keep the great work going sir. We're with you.
Thanks to these Blockchains which have helped humanity rediscover its Human aspect.


It's really good to know that you feel the same.

Nice to see others thinking the same. I invested huge on day 1 for bts & EOS, but got in a little late for Steem (December 2016). I have no doubt my investment will pay off.


That's great and I wish you every success. I hope we can all win at some point.

@benjojo very useful! I use this steemit for the charity work. I need to know more about EOS...


I'm very glad you found it useful!

That's something I just did today, opening a bitshares account. I am still exploring its functionality and hopefully, I'll make good use of it from my hard earn travel writing payout on steem :D Thanks for sharing!!


Excellent! It's my pleasure.

I share this love with you. EOS and STEEM are my babies!


😁 love it!