Beem Engine - New Features Rollouts

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Hey All

BeemEngine rolled out cool features


  • Standalone WebApp - DApp
    You can now directly access SteemBeem as an app
    A standalone application without opening the browser
    Just install it when offered on your desktop or mobile!


  • Realtime Push Notification
    Whenever you get a boost from @beemengine and the community
    You will be directly notified with vote percentage & counts details...
    Get Notified across all your devices and only for your upvoted posts.
    Do not forget to click 'allow notifications' permission
    To enable the feature, please navigate to your dashboard
    Enter your Steem Account, Login and Check REMEMBER ME


  • Global & Recent Promotions
    Daily Total Promotion Charts,
    Last Upvote Rounds Stats
    Recent Promotion Cards




Amazing post @beemengine. Great features in the new features that will help improve the application and the work of steem.

Thank you for your continuous improvement 😄

yes specially the notifications feedback


my upline sent a link i sent 2steems but my subscribtion is not active

Please check referral rules, terms and conditions.


Your service will be activated for 2 months 😀

I Sent 2 Steem Today and My Subscription Expires in 5 Days, Can U Explain How Beem Engine Works ?

Please double check. Your service will be activated for 2 months 😀

My subscription is active from last 20 hours but yet I did not get any upvote on my post.

Hey thanks for subscribing

You will get upvote on all your upcoming posts after your subscription date.

Here it is you got it with 10+ extra upvotes from the community!


Go to the dashboard Login and Check "Remember Me" to get realtime push notification and stats when @beemengine upvotes you. You can also earn passive curation rewards when you authorize the engine to contribute with the community upvotes!


hi i send you 1 steem yesterday but always say status not active. can you fix that please?

Hello Your subscription is active :) please double check
Welcome !

yes i see thx you so much :3


You may check out this new post

And don't hesitate to support and resteem this post as well 😀


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