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RE: Steem Co-Founder Dan Larimer On Why He Left Steem & His New Potential Ethereum Killer Cryptocurrency EOS

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I like Dan. I think he is a genius and a lot of people feel the same.

I was at a Blockchain Canada official meetup last nite with 180 people there, wearing my Steemit t shirt, talking to people about the platform, and a couple dev's were there too, saying the same things about Dan.

I hope I get to meet him one day.

I love how he translates things from paper to the real world and gets things done for Life-Liberty-Property -- as he says.


Awesome! I need to get a Steemit T going and rock it. Just watched this video from a completely different angle. Came in from finding it on YouTube - need to change my methods and START at Steemit - still learning. Just joined the meetup site... too bad I missed it ( Fellow Canuck! ) - Looking to make the next meet-up!

Do you know when the next meeting is, and are they held in toronto? thanks

Look up "Blockchain Canada Meetup" -- there are several groups that meet similarly and all meet about once a month give or take.

Dan is great! He is an innovator with a great perspective. Where was this Blockchain meetup? I'm also in Canada, would love to meet others that are in to Steemit and Blockchain. Also, where do I get a shirt!!?? This has to happen lol @barrydutton

So, it was organised by Blockchain Canada - blockchain . You can join their list there. They have a link to meetup of the home page. Unfortunately it looks like it was last night at York U. They seem to be about once a month. Maybe @barrydutton can confirm...


This meetup was in Toronto, at York University. They happen once a month and other stuff springs up from other groups, on the regular too.

I hope you can look them up in your area. They are becoming very popular.

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