Introducing Steemsender: easy way to send SBD or STEEM

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Finally I introduce Steemsender!


I like hosting sports contests and I have lots of fun doing it. But when I needed to send the winnings in the past, it would usually take a lot of my time.

Once, due to a postponed game I spent 13 minutes sending prizes to around 40 contestants. Such difficulties even tempted me to stop hosting contests. So, I started looking for a service which could help me but such a service didn’t exist. That’s why I decided to reinvent the wheel.

Screenshot from post Six month ago

Although I’m not a programmer, I’m always trying to make my life easier. The first version of Steemsender (manual mode) helped me save about 20 minutes of my life. That is, to send out winnings to about forty participants, I would already spend 10 minutes instead of 30. I realized that this simplified payments, yet at that time I couldn’t reduce the time I was spending even more. This lasted for about 4-5 months. I would use a manual mode but still kept looking for another solution.

About 1-2 months ago I finally realized what needed to be done. It turned out to be a strange mix of php and js. But it worked! I was finally able to send payments in just a few seconds!

What is Steemsender?

  • Steemsender is a service that helps to send SBD or STEEM in a few seconds.

Who is Steemsender for?

  • Hosts of contests, lotteries, giveaways etc.
    That's clear.
  • Promoters, advertisers. Hosts too.
    For example, if you need to send a direct message to your followers with a contest announcement or some news, promotions, airdrops, bounties etc.
  • Bidboters
    If you promote every post (or just a few of them) with bidbots with the same or different amount.
  • Everyone (!)
    Yep, even several payments waste some time.
  • Spammers (?)

Is it safe?

You can send SBD or STEEM manually or automatically. The auto mode is faster than the manual one but you need to fill your WIF on Steemsender (we don’t see your WIF and don’t save it because the transfer goes from your computer). In the manual mode you make a payment via SteemConnect.

For more security you can create another steemit account only for payments.

Additional feature: creating a new steemit account

You can say that registering a new steemit account takes a lot of time. Yes, it used to be a problem but now it’s changed. We offer to create a new steemit account for 24 hours. It costs 1 STEEM. You pay 4 STEEM and then have 3 SP in a new account. If you want to pay in a different currency, then this option is also possible.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

How to use the service? Where is the FAQ?

You will be able to see a mini-FAQ after logging in. Later I will record a video-FAQ.

As I said, I’m not a programmer and Steemsender has some issues. Maybe they will be fix and maybe not, but the service is working at present. So, try it and don't waste a lot of time on payments. If you have any questions, I will gladly assist you.

Special thanks

  • to @maarnio as the first beta-tester
  • to @skepticology (votum) for beta-testing and helping with security issues. And also, for donations.

Stay tuned!


YES ! Thats was good. I also put to much time to send money when many people should get it. I have to test this. Smart idea with a new account. Thanks!

Try and I'm waiting for feedback

I will. In next contest.
AND I want to say THANK YOU to you. When you vote at my post you do not do it with 0,0001.... You have been the most generous voter at many of my posts. Like !

You're welcome) I like your format of contest!

Steemsender works well for me and saves plenty of time. Thanks for putting in the effort to create this service.

You are welcome, man!

it could be a very useful service ..